Hoping Island in Keelung Harbor.

Lots of stuff out there today…

  • Holly discusses the Google translation bot.
  • A-gu blogs on the accusation that Hsieh was an informant during the martial law era. Looks like the KMT is trying to distract attention from Ma’s green card flap, and from his own alleged work for the security services.A-gu also has a great post on the replacement of “Guoyu” with “hwayu” in local textbooks, to remove references to the nation of China.
  • Johan at Talking Taiwanese puts up new survey data on Mandarin use and attitudes.
  • Scott Sommers has an acerbic comment on Ni Howdy on the foreign students.
  • Davids Mom and Dad come for a visit.
  • Hanjie goes to Chiwei Mountain. Jeff takes on bicycling in Taiwan.
  • Craig has some great pictures of the new Kaohsiung MRT. Michael K has some as well.
  • Global Voices Online talks about the new video questions website for the presidential candidates here.
  • MEDIA: The Daily Yomiuri reports that the DPP will go with the KMT version of the referendum. A New Zealand paper reports on revelations of the new firm to speed weapons imports into Taiwan. A long and useful review article at the Jamestown Foundation on Taiwan and the Spratlys.