Kinming Liu, former Washington-based columnist for Asian newspapers, asks that Washington stand up to China the way it has stood up to Russia on the Kosovo issue, in the Washington Post forums:

I could only wish the U.S. and Europe would have the same courage to poke a stick to another big power in order to support another independence-seeking smaller nation. But I share with the sentiment in this editorial from Taiwan’s Liberty Times that the island state won’t be able to follow Kosovo’s footsteps anytime soon. In fact, Taiwan has already extended it recognition towards Kosovo but Pristina has yet to reciprocate Taipei.

Nice sentiments. Only one flaw, where he refers to Taipei as Beijing’s “enemy.” Beijing is Taipei’s enemy, but Taipei is not the enemy of Beijing. Everyone in Taiwan wants peace and trade between the two nations, but regrettably, Beijing’s claim to rule Taiwan prevents this. Stop by and thank Liu for public support for the island.