I was out yesterday in Tainan with John from the Real Taiwan, who had become the latest convert to my quest to ensure that everyone in the world uses a Canon Powershot IS5, taking photos in and around town (my pics up tomorrow). The betel nut girl shots were a bust, but we did get some great shots in one of the soldier’s villages in Tainan. The above poster of an incredibly idealized Ma strolling like 007 across a featureless plain was plastered to a pillar in a pavilion in a little park near the village, and lacks only Ursula Andress rising from the waves to complete its mythic power….UPDATE: Compare this classic Mao propaganda poster, pointed to by Frog in a Well.

This gorgeous poster of Ma sitting with representatives from every community in which the KMT committed murder hangs off of the intersection of Wu Chuan and Wu Chuan W Rd in Taichung. It is a wonderful work, the eye follows the faces up and they end up in the last row with iconic images of Taiwan — aborigines — and Ma standing with them, a little off to one side. The only jarring note is their ridiculous fist pumping motions, which look forced and awkward. The party affiliation is completely absent, and the poster is entirely Taiwan centered. You need only to compare this poster to the utterly conventional stuff out there on Hsieh and Su….

…like this one. Hope the DPP can get out there with some really powerful visual messages in the coming weeks.