Lots of news out there. Snapped these pics of a DPP commercial on Tibet and Taiwan as I rode the bus out to Keelung tonight. Clearly percieved as a major issue useful to the DPP. The Taiwan Documents collection has rounded up a several articles in major newspapers on the relationship between the Taiwan elections and Tibet (see list at upper right).

The DPP –

– drove away many of the old line foreign activists
– drove off or split with all of the social justice groups
– inflicted a terrible bloodletting on itself in the primary
– screw up its relations with the international media
– is cash-poor
– blew the legislative elections, lost the three-in-one elections
– lacks a strong youth cadre development program
– suffers from crippling ethnic essentialism
– does not control the bureaucracy, the universities, the judiciary, the police, or the military
– is opposed by its major ally, the United States
– is opposed by the rising power of China

… and could still win this election.

Think about that.

Watch this relationship. Because the man behind Ma Ying-jeou is there shaking hands with the power that wants to eat Taiwan.

Enjoy yourselves. The good fight has been fought; whatever happens tomorrow, we did our best. Tomorrow I am going hiking and I won’t be blogging (famous last words). So instead of something about Taiwan, I am leaving you with this hilariously unrelated website my close friend Karl flipped me: International Association of Time Travelers: Members’ Forum Subforum: Europe - Twentieth Century - Second World War