These giant posters calling on the public to oppose the One China Market of Ma and Siew started going up around Taichung this weekend. The peanuts on the poster are a reference to the second line, which says the One China Market threatens Taiwan’s farmers.

First, this info:

DPP RALLY IN TAICHUNG MAR 16: Information here. Gonna be huge! On to the posts:

  • Old stuff from the days when US military personnel were here.
  • Taoyuan Nights wonders how to socialize here.
  • Don’t miss The Foreigner’s fantastic rundown of the KMT invasion of DPP HQ.
  • J Michael rips the Taiwan-Israel analogy again.
  • Black American Lawyer blogs on Taiwan not getting it.
  • David on the Taipei Cycle Show
  • .

  • The Wild East has a piece on Cloud Gate.
  • That’s Impossible has so many good posts this week, it is impossible to catch up. Read them all.
  • Global Voices Online collects Twitter posts that respond to 6 election questions.
  • Save the Dolphins on allegations of under the table payments to EPA members in exchange for the construction of the coal burning power plant. Yes, that’s right, our idiot government is building coal-fired power generators.
  • Todd, as always, has awesome photos of his latest hike, on Yangmingshan.
  • ROC the Boat on the State Department and China’s human rights violations.
  • The Foreigner on the KMT’s boycott of the referendums.
  • Battlepanda translates a great article on red light running here.
  • Scott points to GLINT, the journal of the Taichung Writer’s Association.
  • Jeff on Keelung’s historic forts and batteries.
  • Maddog has video links to the second presidential debate.
  • KUDOS TO: Taiwan’s baseball team, qualifying for the Olympics.

    SCIENCE: Taiwanese researchers demonstrate that global warming is pushing up sea level even faster than thought, since much of the rise is trapped behind dams.

    MEDIA: A Taiwan student wins a Japanese award for his butterfly tracking system. In addition to the abysmal decision to build coal-fired power plants, the EPA also gave the Suhua Highway the green light, to public protests. The connection is that a group of a half dozen people sits on both committees. Ralph Jennings on the rising profile of aborigines as an election tactic. A senior defense official in Japan says a crisis here is a Japan security issue. Rob McFarland in the NZ Herald on visiting the nuns at a Buddhist monastery here. Jon Adams with a nice piece on the election prediction markets here.

    SPECIAL: Transcript of Kathrin Hille interview of Chen Shui-bian in the Financial Times. And they put almost all of it in, too.

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