Feiren alerted me to this ad by KMT Presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou on the second page of the China Times to mark the 3rd Anniversary of the Anti-Secession Law. Feiren did a quickie translation of it:

We firmly hold that Taiwan’s future must be decided by people of Taiwan.
Defend the Republic of China’s sovereignty and firmly oppose the Anti-Secession Law.
The Republic of China is a sovereign and independent country nation.
The people of Taiwan have concretely realized democratic government and are masters of their own fate.
We hereby declare that Taiwan’s future and development must be ratified and determined by the people of Taiwan themselves.

Feiren — too busy to blog — pointed out to me that this language subsumes ROC and Taiwan in a way that many Taiwanese have become used to seeing and is accepted by them. This move, he noted, is a page out of LTH’s book: borrowing DPP ideas but subtly altering the language. He further observed that the CW is that sovereignty issues are allegedly having less impact because everyone is disgusted with Chen Shui-bian — but in reality, it is because the KMT is becoming better at defusing them. Nice observations, man.

If you were Beijing, would you growl at Ma to make him look even more native? In a world where the KMT and Beijing are coordinating policy, what do you think they will do?

A-gu has a great followup to this post: with an interview with Chen pointing out that the DPP has made the KMT ‘greener.’

UPDATE: A a brutal Chinese crackdown in Tibet as the elections in Taiwan approach. Peking Duck collects some of the news reports. ADDENDA: People have asked me to reword this for clarity. So I did.