Three years ago Mark Chen, then Taiwan’s foreign minister, lashed out at Singapore officials for their remarks on Taiwan’s drive for independence and democracy, using colorful Taiwanese idiom that made his comments instantly memorable:

An exasperated Chen, speaking in the earthy Taiwanese dialect rather than the more formal Mandarin that is supposed to be the national language, was commenting on remarks by his Singaporean counterpart George Yeo. Chen said Yeo had just been “fondling China’s balls”, meaning that it was fawning over China by criticizing Taiwan. Chen went on: “Even Singapore, a country smaller than a piece of snot, can swagger around to criticize Taiwan at the United Nations. Where is the justice in the world?”

The Taiwan Air Power blog recently chronicled another example of ball fondling by the city-state:

According to Chris Pocock, who is currently visiting Taiwan after covering Singapore Airshow 2008 for Aviation International News (AIN), the show organizers not only forced AIDC to blacken out the national insignia of the Republic of China on the aircraft featured at its stand but also barred AIDC from handing out its brochures, in which the national insignia could be seen. AIN’s Thierry Dubois wrote in the February 20 issue (this hyperlink may stop functioning after a while):

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