The massive copper processing facility on the NE coast.

What’s being processed on the blogs today?

  • The Foreigner blogs on the former AIT director Therese Shaheen saga. Shaheen popped in the day before the election, and the pro-KMT media blew up her visit, saying that she would pronounce on the Ma green card issue. Of course, she didn’t. Then the following the day the KMT brought in Doug Paal, the former AIT director, and did their own dog-and-pony show on the green card issue.
  • That’s Impossible! blogs on the possibility of Chai Trong-rong running for DPP Chair (news article). And whither Ma?
  • Thirsty Ghosts on the continuing deployment of US carriers to the area after the election.
  • Matsu Fish Council is holding training sessions on Dolphins this weekend and next weekend.
  • Taiwan Environmental Protection Union calls on Ma to care for the environment. The DPP massively disappointed on the environmental front, one of the reasons so many former supporters turned on it.
  • Maddog notes how Chinese missiles continue to alter the status quo.
  • Michael K practices with a Thai band.
  • EVENTS: Taipei Tea Exhibition, Apr 9 - Jun 15. AmCham Taichung’s April dinner meeting will be the 22th…

    The April dinner meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 22 at the Windsor Hotel. Our guest speaker will be Robert Wang, Deputy Director of AIT (The American Institue in Taiwan). He will speak on Economic potential under the new administration. Happy Hour begins at 6:30 with dinner at 7:00. Cost is 700NT for paid members and 750NT for non-members. Please rsvp to or phone 0917-396103 with any questions and/or rsvp’s by April 18th.

    ….and the annual chili cook off in Taichung on the 19th:

    The Chili Cook-off starts at 1pm on April 19th on Soho Street in Taichung (25-8 Da Ye Rd. Taichung). There is a $250nt donation to anyone that wants to try the chili. Everyone who donates will be able to taste all the chili and then vote for the chili that they believe has the best taste.

    Sunday the 13th in Taoyuan there is a major Thai bash at Taoyuan stadium there. The Bushman has information on his blog. He’ll be playing there, and I’ll be behind the lens.

    MEDIA: The pro-Green Taiwan Thinktank blasts Siew’s visit to Chinese economic forum. Yet another of the millions of articles praising Taiwan for electing Ma because Ma is good for the market. Inflation is now on the rise in Taiwan. In their first phone call, US and China defense officials discuss Taiwan. A Taiwanese officer says the US will sell 66 F-16s to Taiwan. Monsters and Critics, where the articles are always pro-KMT, has a gag-me-with-a-spoon encomium of Ma up. Leave a nice comment. The Economist, like so many publications, believes Ma will be constrained….by domestic politics. That could mean anything. Stephen Nelson has another good piece in Asia Times, on Ma and the Chiangs. NPR on China’s military and the US. Another analysis of the election, with a blurb from my “strongly pro-DPP” blog.