The remains of part of a Dutch-period wall at Fort Zeelandia, Tainan.

What’s remaining on the blogs today?

  • David on Formosa has a great post on the world summit of the indigenous peoples in Taipei.
  • A-gu has been reporting on the race for the DPP chairmanship. Latest is three way race between 70 year old Trong Chai, 82 year old Koo Kwang-min, and 51 year old Tsai Ing-wen — two older activists and one younger professional. I was kinda hoping Tsai would at least be considered. But it is apparent that the DPP is a mess and will not be cleaned up soon. Tell me again about those constraints on Ma Ying-jeou…?
  • Local reporter Michelle Weng complains about her family background appearing in the paper.
  • Jerome on the high cost of pandas for our “depressed” economy.
  • Todd A finds some totally hot betel nut girls on display.
  • Everyone was talking about the Shanghai stock market bubble and Taoyuan nights points out that it has collapsed….question is, will we see a slowdown in growth like that after similar bubbles in Japan and Taiwan were pricked?
  • Michael K visits the tea master of Hukou. With pics. He also did a small performance on Saturday at the Thai New Year festival, for which I took a ton of pics. Only a few are up so far.
  • Kerim looks at Taiwan’s health care system, which has been in the news lately.
  • Mark writes on his buyout of another school.
  • Black Lawyer writes on Black sinologists. Great stuff.
  • Into crafts? JulieK in Taiwan has great suggestions. Freeflying in Taiwan has great pics of flying
  • Goodbye, Hao Chr! Back to the USA, thus endeth a Taipei restuarant blog
  • EVENTS: Urban Nomad film fest begins Friday, April 25. Information on venues, films, and times is available on the urban nomad filmfest blog. Looks like it is going to be a blast!

    Mark Forman, a formidable presence on the net and longtime Taichung expat, launches Big In Asia, a new website with podcasts and other information to connect here to there.

    MEDIA: Dealing with China’s quality fade, the propensity of suppliers do reduce quality over the lifetime of a deal…. Jim Mann predicted in The China Fantasy that the rising middle class in China would support the repressive state. He just didn’t realize how fast that would happen with today’s scary youth: “Of the 29 ethnic-Chinese intellectuals who last month signed a widely publicized petition urging the government to show restraint in the crackdown, not one was under 30.” Implications for Taiwan: frightening. Wonder what will happen when development hits a snag… Taiwan, more enlightened than some democracies I could name, may amend the law to protect reporters who refuse to disclose sources in court…Ting Yi-tsai, always good, has a great piece on the Hu-Siew political theatre at the Boao forum…. in the Saipan Tribune, a piece on what a great place Taiwan can be for first-time travelers. My ‘rents had exactly the same impression. We’re not doing too badly folks….some of the clashes over the proposed Taoyuan airport free trade zone are on display in this report….

    WAY COOL: The most published author on the planet? Electronic content amalgamation systems may change publishing in our time….