What’s parked on the blogs today?

  • The Bushman visits Beautiful Wulai.
  • Ma Ying-jeou protests too much, according to the Foreigner
  • Fili visits The Holocaust Museum in Taiwan
  • That’s Impossible! on the war on Taiwanese language. And another post on it. Many things Taiwanese are going bye-bye under the new regime.
  • Getting a leg up with videos + music.
  • David looks at God Man Dog, a new film.
  • KMT avoids criticizing Tibetan crackdown.
  • Spring Scream takes a visa blow.
  • The Tainan Bulletin is up, full of Tainan related info.
  • SPECIAL: The Onion News Service has a video of China celebrating its status as the number one polluter. And don’t miss this chat discussion between Taiwan, the US, and China.

    MEDIA: An investment piece, full of mistakes, that gives a good view of how foreign investment experts perceive the opportunities here. Funny to think that just last year people were complaining how much our stock market sucked….a piece by a Chinese scholar says that Taiwan is a good example of how democracy really can succeed in a Chinese society…. Denny Roy has a piece in the Japan Times on the election….. Students protest the recent decision to build the Suhua Highway…. The NYTimes mag has a piece on The Last Days of Taipei…. Holiday Inn express launches in Taiwan…. Taiwan probes kickback allegations in China Airlines-Airbus deal. Feels like one of those noisy allegations the KMT makes when something good happens, to distract attention… Jane’s says Ma win eases tensions between China and Taiwan…..

    JAMESTOWN FOUNDATION: I’m giving them their own section today, the conservative think tank offers three interesting pieces: Time for Conflict Prevention Across the Taiwan Strait, a short piece on Generation Y in China on Tibet and Taiwan, and Ma Ying-jeou and the Future of Cross-Strait Relations.

    MILESTONES: Sometime yesterday I had my 500,000th visitor to this blog. Thanks so much, everyone, for making the View go.