Bruce Jacobs had a nice commentary in the Taipei Times today arguing that Taipei really ought to pursue some kind of “dual recognition” format:

Second, Taiwan needs to broadcast much more clearly that it is willing to have joint recognition with China. At least from the outside, it appears that Taiwan still breaks relations with countries that recognize China. Foreign Ministry people explain this is for Taiwan’s “national pride,” but in essence the explanations sound similar to those used by Chiang Kai-shek (蔣介石) all those years ago.

Dual recognition has already occurred once before. In 2003, when Kiribati switched from the PRC to Taiwan, China continued to keep its people there since it maintained a listening post and satellite monitoring facilities there, established in 1997. It stayed for three weeks, from November 7, when ties were cut, to November 29.

It can be done, if both governments are willing to be sensible.

Resource: Excellent background article on the Great Pacific War for recognition between Taiwan and China.