WSJ transposes a couple of consonants in the print edition of Shelly Rigger’s commentary on the new President.

Stuff piling on thick and fast today. CNN has a short piece ahead of Ma’s swearing-in. Taiwan News makes some excellent points on the KMT’s abuse of the voters to get Ma elected president. Rigger has a piece that is 100% CW in the Wall Street Journal (the print edition is misspelled, pic above), from the claim that independence is the desire of just a small but noisy minority, to the soft-pedaling of the threats China presents to Taiwan. Like most commentators, Rigger calls for China to be more flexible in the wake of the great opportunity that Ma presents. Although Chen presented exactly the same opportunity….. Ma was interviewed in Forbes the other day too. Finally, President Ma’s Inaugural address is on tap. I’ll be going over it tomorrow — parts of it contain sly hacks on the DPP — and note that “our homeland” is “Kinmen, Matsu, Penghu, and Taiwan.” Some nice language about the election being an example to all Chinese, some good paeans to democracy. Heard the DPP boycotted the festivities too. That’s ridiculous and childish.

Meanwhile the WHO rejected Taiwan’s bid for observer status. Ma now has a whole year to strategize with Beijing about how to handle the issue.