Up today over at the anthro blog Savage Minds is a hilarious map showing A Taiwanese View of the World.

Also up is the new issue of China Security, which focuses on the Taiwan issue. The TOC:

More Carrot Than Stick: Beijing’s Emerging Taiwan Policy PDF 535KB Chong-Pin Lin

Peace Agreement: The Long Road Ahead PDF 195KB
Huang Jiashu

Wild Card: A Democratic Taiwan PDF 241KB
Ted Galen Carpenter

Peace or War: Taiwan at a Critical Juncture PDF 146KB
Peng Guangqian

Ensnared by Beijing: Washington Succumbs to the PRC’s Diplomacy of Panic PDF 222 KB
Alan Wachman

Whither Taiwan-China Relations? PDF 226KB
Arthur S. Ding

Time for “New” Thinking on Taiwan PDF 218KB
Wang Jianwei

Change: Mainland’s Taiwan Policy PDF 167KB
Chu Shulong & Guo Yuli

How China “Wins” a Space War PDF 394KB Brian Weeden

And in Liberty Times today Antonio Chiang observes that one reason China doesn’t want foreigners in central quake zone is that it is the area where China’s nuke research labs are located.