Here’s the add for the Canadian Society’s annual beach party. Meanwhile, who is partying on the blogs?

  • J-Hole over at Ni-Howdy has fun with ROC nationalism.
  • A-gu observes that satisfaction with Ma has fallenand here too.
  • David on the Free Burma protest in Taipei, with pics.
  • Steven Crook with a nifty article on the oldest street in Tainan’s Yenshui.
  • Carrie has a fantastic post on Yehliu with nice pics and a how-to-get-there guide. But Hoping Island is better…
  • The former native speaker judges a debate on whether to allow Chinese students in Taiwan. By his own students at Tunghai. So what were the arguments, man?
  • Rank looks into the interview with Ma.
  • Laowiseass on a rapper’s view that Ma was inevitable.
  • The Foreigner hacks on the KMT’s Diaoyutai mess.
  • Scott on the DPP’s policy of expanding our university system.
  • Only Redhead has a wonderful post on our cyber vulnerability.
  • Michelle has great pics of the Nanmen market.
  • Lots of people had Peacefest stuff: like Real Taiwan
  • I updated my latest post on the Politics of Sixth Grade, below. More hilarious expenditure of epic amounts of energy to inflict trivial pains on others.
  • American Enterprise Institute’s Roundtable on the US-Taiwan FTA is blogged on.
  • EVENTS: The Canada D’eh Beach Party hosted by the Canadian Society, is on the 28th. Information at the Canadian Society website. Tickets may be purchased island-wide at Hi-life stores.

    MEDIA: Interview with Ma Ying-jeou in NY Times by Ed Wong, Keith Bradsher, and Leonard M. Apcar (of IHT). Here’s the transcript provided by the “Taiwanese” GIO. Ma at his best, wowing the interviewers, and listing DPP achievements without mentioning the DPP. The NY Times article on it is here. Interestingly they mention his “flawless English.” If only Chen had spoken English, the media would have swooned at his feet too. Clearly speaking English can make up for a host of flaws, such as defending the jailing of dissidents and opposing the lifting of martial law. Microsoft erects innovation center in Taiwan, while DuPont puts in a solar cell center. John Tkacik calls for the US to say publicly what its policy is on Taiwan: sovereignty is not a settled question, and also asks if firms that kow-tow to China pressure are in violation of the law. New species of longhorn beetle found in Kenting. Enterovirus: 4 new cases. The Economist on the Senkaku mess. China’s top negotiator says negotiations with China not a threat to the US. Yes, because if we follow Bush policy in the future, we won’t have any influence out here anyway.