A friend sent me this picture of the Taiwanese-American Memorial Day parade float in front of the White House.

What’s parading by on the blogs today?

  • Lief in Taiwan has a fabulous and beautiful post on a monkey preserve near Tainan.
  • Fili translates an Israeli tourist pamphlet for Taiwan.
  • My friend Todd hits one of the best little museums on the island, the quake museum in Wufeng.
  • A-gu has a short post on the “peace agreement” that Ma seems to be hoping for in Ma I rather than Ma II. He also blogs on our Foreign Ministry’s regression thirty years back into the past….inviting foreign dignitaries to visit China. A news article is here.
  • Blogger Prince Roy leaves the island, in a send off from his good friend Poagao.
  • Diane Lee’s citizenship contradictions are once again explored by The Foreigner. Just this week it came out that the current Foreign Minister once applied for US citizenship because he dreamed of retiring there. That’s living the KMT Dream — exploiting Taiwan’s cash with a cushy government job, then retire to the US.
  • Jerome hands out his post-election awards.
  • Pinyin News finds a linguistically interesting Burger King ad.
  • Steven Crook has a fascinating article on the many things he has written over the years and which ones didn’t get selected by editors.
  • Global Voices has a neat article on the Puncar project to bridge the digital divide in Taiwan.
  • The blog of veterans of the US Taiwan defense command is chock full of old photos and other paraphenalia of the day.
  • EVENTS: Matthew Lien is being presented by the Taiwan Symphony June 6 and 7. Don’t miss Peacefest the weened of 13-15th, see today’s Taipei Times for further info. Highway 11, the East Coast expat mag, is out and about for June.

    MEDIA: Cindy Sui has one of those “I’ll try to be balanced” articles in the Asia Times on the Chen legacy. It’s not bad, but to use the absurd allegations that Chen faked his assassination as the opener is unconscionable. No evidence exists to support that charge. It’s time the media started asked for evidence before writing down these accusations. The Korea FTA is DOA in Congress, which negates a trade advantage Korea might have had over Taiwan. The CFR reviews another aspect of China’s burgeoning global influence with a piece on its relations with the Gulf oil producers. Forbes lists Taiwan’s 40 richest. Heads finally rolled in the US Air Force over the debacle in which nuclear fuses were accidentally shipped to Taiwan. Taiwan takes another hit on human trafficking. Ironically, this occurs in a week in which it was revealed that the US operates a secret, illegal and very sick system of prison ships, human trafficking on a global scale. I am ashamed of my nation. Speaking of that national shame in the White House, the Administration is sending sensitive security equipment to China to help with the Olympics. Taiwan’s inflation rate now at six month high. Taiwan government launches energy saving drive. Hooray! Looking for a high school science teacher in Taichung.