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Daily Links, July 31, 2008

One minute of the Self-Strengthening Train speeding across the southern Taiwan landscape on a gorgeous post-typhoon day. Meanwhile, what’s speeding across the Taiwan blogscape?

J-hole at Ni Howdy blogs on strange things found in the China Post.

Sponge bear goes for a hike and finds lush pics and a great piece on Japanese nationalism.

Cross Strait Economics on [...]

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Establishing Trust with the Chinese

Longtime Washington and US government China policy analysts Richard C. Bush and Jeff Bader are out with an all-too Establishment piece that seems to live in its own dreamworld on US-China relations, calling on Obama and McCain to Tread Lightly On China:
The Beijing Olympics coincide with our party conventions heralding the countdown to November’s presidential [...]

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Pratas Fracas

The Pratas Islands, or Dongsha, one of the many islets in the South China Sea disputed between the nations around it, was in the news this week. First Max Hirsch of Kyodo News reported on the Pratas in the context of the new capitulation reduction of tensions between Taiwan and China:
Smack-dab in the South China [...]

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Olympics and Sovereignty in Crisis

Ah, the world was different back in the 1960s, as Newsweek relates in a piece adapted from a new book on the 1960 Olympics:
The context was different, but the central political question as the Rome Olympics neared was the same as it is now: how should the world deal with China? The issue was debated [...]

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Paper on Parade: Half Mountain – Half Sea

After a short hiatus thanks to increased workload, Paper on Parade is back with a great article in the current issue of Intersections out of Australian National University on women in the Kaohsiung fishing communities entitled:Half Mountain – Half Sea: Women’s Roles in the Fishing Communities of Post-War Kaohsiung, 1945–1975. The article was written by [...]

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Fung-wong arrives in Taichung

Went up on the balcony and grabbed a few seconds of video of typhoon Fung-wong celebrating its arrival in Taichung with high winds and rain after crossing the mountains. At 4:00 pm the typhoon had reached Changhua in central Taiwan. This video was taken around 3:30 (hold the mouse over it and the control will [...]

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Sovereignty and Freezes

Typhoon Fung wong is closing in, and here in Taichung, a steady rain is falling as of eight this morning, Taichung time. No wind at all yet. Schools and offices across the island have shut down in anticipation of a major load of rain.
Yesterday the email lists were abuzz with the claim of Rupert Hammond-Chambers, [...]

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Michael Chang, Quintessential Chinese son

Some of you might have dim memories of Michael Chang, who was briefly famous, the only Asian-American tennis star of his day. Chang was the child of an ROC diplomat’s daughter and a mainlander who both grew up in Taiwan and later emigrated to the US. Slate has a long article by Huan Hsu called [...]

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Forward the economy….

Lots of stuff out there today on Taiwan’s economy. Reuters is reporting that Taiwan plans to open five sectors of its economy to Chinese investment:
Taiwan is aiming to open five sectors of its economy to mainland Chinese by the end of the year, as part of a campaign by a new China-friendly administration to boost [...]

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Two on China

Presidential candidate McCain calls on China to release Tibetan prisoners (that would be everyone in Tibet, right?):
After a 45-minute meeting with the Dalai Lama, McCain said the Beijing Olympic Games in August provide an opportunity for China to demonstrate it recognises human rights.
He also said the Dalai Lama is merely seeking basic rights to preserve [...]

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Name Blame

Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!
There’s a call for [...]

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Total Solar Eclipse Aug 1

From the department of the Way Cool: there is a solar eclipse on Aug 1; judging from the many maps and tables available on the NASA website, it appears that Taiwan will miss out on the fun, with the eclipse path ending in China.
Related PostsDon’t Miss the Lunar Eclipse Mar 4The China Post notes:People in [...]

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Nelson Report — Still More on the Arms Freeze

The Washington insider Nelson Report doesn’t often have remark on Taiwan, and yet here are two in a row that have stuff on Taiwan. This one comments on Wolfowitz’s remarks the other day. Pay attention to that first sentence — does it herald change?:
TAIWAN ARMS…we can confirm that the Administration is in deep consultation over [...]

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Nelson Report : More on arms freeze

Once again, the Washington insider report The Nelson Report has another round of inside-the-Beltway analysis on the Arms Freeze.
TAIWAN ARMS…”fallout” continues from PACOM Adm. Tim Keating’s speech to the Heritage Foundation last week, covered in recent Nelson Reports, in which Keating informally confessed that the White House has put a “freeze” (press language, not his) [...]

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Flood of Money

More construction funds to local areas means increased sales for betel nut stands.
The Taipei Times reported yesterday that DPP and KMT legislators had a falling out over a diversion of government funds for flood control projects.
The Executive Yuan yesterday insisted on diverting part of the funds to flood prevention despite DPP lawmakers’ reservations about the [...]

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