Ah, teenagers. Sometimes its The House With Two Eyores:

DAD: Kids, what do you want to have for dinner?
TEENAGER 1: [flat voice] Nothing.
TEENAGER 2: [Bored] I don’t care.

Sometimes it’s The Tim Burton Home Movie:

DAD: Where have you two been for the last hour?
SEBASTIAN: We went to California!
SHERIDAN: Yeah! And Sebastian got two girls pregnant!

Fortunately they sleep at least part of the day, else all my remaining hair would have fallen out long ago. Speaking of fallout, who is being nuked on the blogs today? It’s the first cross strait flights under the new Administration — on US independence day. Probably just a coincidence.

  • Geof lambastes media exaggeration.
  • J-hole over at Ni Howdy reviews the media on the cross-strait flights, with no little irony. B@Taiwan has some fun with it too.
  • Taiwanese Heart relates WHO and our current enterovirus outbreak.
  • A-gu lauds an excellent comment by Scott Sommers on my website. And rips CNN for innaccuracies.
  • Steven Crook, local reporter, with a good article on foreigners in the tourist game.
  • Jerome Ma’s doubletalk and the KMT reviving the blacklist memories. Always hard-hitting stuff on Keating’s website.
  • My Several Worlds on the court case they are involved in.
  • fili on Taiwan-Israel comparisons
  • David reviews some Taiwan books.
  • fili with an excellent post with some numbers on how Taiwan’s economy is doing. Very well, of course, even in comparison to our neighbors. Rank has a similarly themed piece that is also good.
  • Poagao muses on native speakers of Chinese speaking to each other and to non-native speakers.
  • Global Voices online with blogposts on the Diaoyutai mess. Note how quickly that made-for-media nonevent disappeared from view. The Foreigner nicely satirizes it.
  • Taiwan Photographers features Neil Wade.
  • SPECIAL: Fili has created a Taiwan blog map. Add yours, and meet the bloggers in your area. There’s an internship opportunity at DPP HQ.

    MEDIA: Polaris Securities Director’s body found in the sea, apparent suicide. The legislature restored funding for the cruise missiles. Taiwan’s hand tool industry. USTDC with photos of Eisenhower’s 1960 visit here. After KMT officialdom reassured investors that the Taiwan economy was sound (I thought it sucked, that’s what they’ve said for the last eight years, right?)
    foreign investors promptly went out and sold NT$10 billion in Taiwan stocks. Local investment trusts bought ‘em up. The Jamestown China Brief has good ones on the military downsizing plan and China-Thailand ties, and China’s view of its military strength.