Ma save us! The stock market hit a 16 month low yesterday (pic above from Yahoo) as the brilliant financial policies of the rational Ma administration once again boosted our economy. Wait, did I write that wrong? Sorry, for a moment there I thought I was writing for one of the financial papers that pushed Ma so hard during the run-up to the election. Maddog sent me this pic….

…showing how regional bourses have fared since May 20th. Guess who is doing the worst…

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t think our fall here has much to do with the actions of the Great Savior. It’s just that, before the election all we heard was how bad the stock market was thanks to DPP President Chen Shui-bian, who, as the Source of All Evil©, caused the stock market to fall, the globe to warm, and a comet to wipe out the dinosaurs. The local pro-Blue papers, as well as international economic and financial magizines and other media were constantly pushing this line. Nobody ever put the Taiwan market in the context of global trends or asked whether its performance might be related to its speculative nature, the lack of good reporting by local conglomerates, the lack of shareholder responsibility on the part of corporate managers, and other endemic problems with corporate behavior here. Nope. The DPP was The Problem.

Maybe next time around these guys will take a more thoughtful line.

Yeah, right.