China continues to screw with Taiwan’s Olympic team. Readers may recall that the Torch, with its totally politicized route, was still permitted by the Chen Administration to enter Taiwan, until at the last minute China demanded that protests along the route be banned.

Now, in another last minute deliberate undercutting of its “partner” China has been changing the way it refers to Taiwan — thereby violating signed agreements — and Taiwan’s KMT Sec-Gen says the island may boycott the Olympics as a result:

KMT Secretary-General Wu Den-yih said Wu Poh-hsiung will travel to Beijing to attend the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games Aug. 8 and the Taiwanese baseball team’s first match against the Netherlands Aug. 13 if the Chinese authorities respect Olympic protocol and refer to the Taiwanese team as “Zhonghua Taipei” or “Chinese Taipei, ” rather than “Zhongguo Taipei.”

“We will opt for boycotting the Olympics if Beijing maneuvers to belittle Taiwan by playing a word game,” Wu Den-yih said.

He made the remarks after Chinese Central Television and Xinhua news agency referred to Taiwan’s Olympic delegation July 16 as “Zhongguo Taipei” when reporting that Taiwan had selected its Olympic team.

Due to pressure from China, Taiwan has been forced to participate in international sports events under the English title “Chinese Taipei” since 1981, based on a protocol signed with the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

According to an agreement signed between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait in Hong Kong in 1989, all sports teams or organizations representing Taiwan will follow IOC regulations when participating in sports events in China.

The 1989 agreement says:

On April 6, 1989, Lee Ching-Hua, the then Secretary General of the Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee, and He Zhenliang, the then Chairman of the Chinese Olympic Committee (of the Mainland), signed an agreement as follows:

“The participation in sports events, meetings, or activities by sports teams and sports organizations from the Taiwan area shall abide by the pertinent provisions of the International Olympic Committee. In all documents, manuals, letters sent, name tugs made, as well as broadcasts produced by the host (namely, the organizing entity), in so far as a sports team and sports organization from the Taiwan area is referred to in the Chinese language, it shall be “zhong hua tai bei (Chinese Taipei).”

Ed Wong had a nifty piece on the Zhonghua vs Zhongguo debate last week in the NYTimes. Hopefully it will dawn on the KMT at some point that all their service to Beijing is symbolized by this debate right here: China is not going to cooperate, and in the end they will be betrayed.