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AFP Again *Sigh*

Yesterday, as I was watching the mess over at the Memorial Formerly Known as CKS Memorial on TV in the school cafeteria, I thought to myself that this was certain to trigger a flood of really bad articles in the foreign media about Taiwan. Already AFP is ahead of the curve on that one….
Note how [...]

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Japan’s Imperial Networks: Taiwan and Manchuria

Japan Focus, where there are always interesting articles, has two good offerings this week. First, an interesting connection between the Japanese puppet state of Manchuko and Taiwan under Japanese imperial rule emerges in this piece on Manchuko. One of the ways that being a Japanese colony affected Taiwan was that it enabled thousands of Taiwanese [...]

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Martial Laws and Marred Reporting

UPDATE: Now updated with massively awesome Taiwan News editorial on the law….see bottom. Lately their editorials have been fantastic….
First all, I had a letter to the editor in the Taipei Times today in which I stated that the term “martial law” should never have crossed Chen Shui-bian’s lips. I was wrong; it hadn’t. My bad, [...]

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Formosa Betrayed and Kerr’s Original Memo

Most of you are familiar with George Kerr’s brilliant and angry account of the looting of Taiwan by the Chiang Kai-shek government, Formosa Betrayed, which is online in a couple of places. Taiwanophile Andrew Leonard, who writes a regular column at, discusses a post at Frog in a Well that scanned Kerr’s original memo [...]

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Chen, Suicide, and 2-28

Ma Ying-jeou, indicted embezzler and alleged student spy, said something quite interesting yesterday while attacking President Chen:
While urging the government to focus its efforts on taking care of public livelihood, Ma promised to work on improving the domestic economy and to push for social harmony if elected as president.
“More than 23,00 people commit [...]

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Okinawan Deaths in 2-28

Taiwan News tells the fascinating tale of the killings among the Okinawan community in Taiwan during 2-28.

At that time, traders and fisherman came from Okinawa to Taiwan unaware of the chaos that the February 28th uprising against the then KMT governor general Chen Yi had caused. As a result, many became embroiled in the 228 [...]

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Brookings Symposium on 2-28

Gerrit van der Wees from FAPA passed this around. Wish I could go!
Dear friends in TaiwanFocus,
To commemorate the 60th anniversaty of 228 incident of 1947, FAPA and the Brookings Institution have organized a 228 Symposium titled “Looking Back, Moving Forward”on Thursday, February 22nd, from 2:00 to 5:00 pm.. The Symposium will be held at the [...]

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