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Man of Many Letters

Before we get into the meat of this post, I’d like to direct everyone to this great Asian Studies Toolbar by John Noyce. It has links to Asian Studies stuff on the internet, media, journals, blogs, and a host of other stuff. Installs automatically, easy to use, and customizable…. and he has fantastic taste in [...]

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“The lumper/splitter problem occurs when there is the need to create classifications and assign examples to them…..” — Wiki
More gray, ugly, cold, rainy days courtesy of Taiwan in the winter, giving me plenty of incentive to sit in front of the computer, where there’s a steady flow of both information and warm air.
The chart above [...]

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How Much Would the DPP Have Needed? One last look at the numbers..

I was riding home last night after Chaon & Co. creamed my son and I in Axis and Allies, and got to thinking about the legislative election again (imagine that, if you can!). This time I decided to figure out how many votes the DPP would have needed to make a substantial increase in the [...]

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One Last Election Analysis

This came with the latest Nelson Report: Shelly Rigger’s observations on the recent LY election, mine in brackets.
A few quick observations in response to Kirk and Hans. There’s no question that the new system really hurt the DPP [...]

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Post Election Analysis

There’s plenty of discussion about the reasons and effects of the legislative election…First, Taiwan Communique has a whole edition out on the elections, with articles by Bruce Jacobs, among others. Go here for the most recent issue. Next, a reader in Calgary reminds me that Willy Lam at the Jamestown Foundation has a piece [...]

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The KMT will not ease relations…and Taiwan’s Indie Music Scene, from Seattle

Ted Galen Carpenter, whom I’ve critiqued here on more than one occasion, has an article in The National Interest arguing that the fundamental support for independence here in Taiwan will rein in the ability of the KMT to cozy up to the PRC government:
If they examine the KMT’s position carefully, however, Chinese leaders are likely [...]

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DPP Election Loss: Analysis

Max Hirsch has a great piece in Kyodo News this week, analyzing the election defeat of the DPP. Hirsch has a very sensible contrast to the well-known blog Peking Duck, where Raj has served a series of KMT talking points presented as a “centrist” analysis. Hirsch notes:
On the surface, [...]

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Some preliminary numbers

Let’s start with the polls. Several people have written to say “Looks like those biased polls were right.” ESWN has a post on it up on his widely read blog, so let’s take a look at his data. ESWN observed:

But what were the public opinion polls saying? The following table is [...]

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Election Pics Again

The election is tomorrow, so I thought I’d inundate you with more election pictures, so everyone in the world can be overwhelmed with the sound and color of elections here in Taiwan.

One predominant myth that colors academic discourse on Taiwan, which I have frequently argued against, is that local voters prefer candidates who are not [...]

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How the Referendums Will Be Defeated

The pro-Green Liberty Times (Chinese) has been reporting on how the legislative election referendum is being beaten: at the local level.
Each neighborhood or precinct has a captain who is the local chief administrator, the li chang or the lin chang. The hierarchical administration of Taiwan society begins with them — they handle neighborhood affairs, such [...]

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Excellent Economist Intelligencer on Upcoming Legislative Elections

The Economist Intelligencer has a pretty good piece out on the upcoming legislative elections that manages to cover all the bases, and properly too….
A more prosaic, but equally important, cause of the government’s problems is that the KMT and its allies have a small majority in the Legislative Yuan (parliament). They have used this majority [...]

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Vote Buying on the Rise?

A-gu blogged on a United Daily News article on the apparent rise in vote buying driven by the lucrative new legislative positions.
An article in the United Daily news indicates that vote buying in the new single member districts has become rampant due to the lucrative nature of the new seats. An unnamed local in Taichung [...]

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MeteorsThis weekend, Dec 13-4, we’re getting a huge storm.
According to McBeath, the Geminids are predicted to reach peak activity on Dec. 14 at 16:45 GMT. That means those places from central Asia eastwards across the Pacific Ocean to Alaska are in the best position to catch the very crest of the shower, when the rates [...]

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Views of the Legislative Elections

Max Hirsch of Kyodo News has a nice article on the upcoming legislative election in January, which in many ways is the more important of the two elections. The whole thing is here:
As eyes turn to Taiwan’s presidential race, the outcome of which will impact on key security interests for Japan and the [...]

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Election Selection 2008

No posters allowed! Fortunately, for people who like their world cluttered with looming posters of political candidates that’s not true of the Taiwan outside the metro. Here is a small selection of posters from the upcoming elections. More to come (a selection from the previous election cycle is online here)

Ma Ying-jeou and a local candidate [...]

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