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KMT-PFP Merger in the cards?

When the new legislative reductions and new election system were announced, there was widespread conviction that they would spell the doom of the small parties. Of particular interest is the People First Party (PFP), which was never a real political party (the KMT was at least welded together by a common interest in maintaining flows [...]

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Chunghwa Telecom Union to Launch Worker’s Party?

The China Post is reporting that workers at Chunghwa Telecom may form a new workers’ party….
The Chunghwa Telecom Workers’ Union (CTWU) may team up with other industrial workers unions to organize a new political party and field its own candidates in the next legislative election, CTWU Chairman Chang Hsu-chung said yesterday.
In a recent CTWU board [...]

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Kaohsiung Mayoral Election Invalidated

A local court has invalidated the Kaohsiung Mayoral election.

Judges decided that accusations Chen’s camp made regarding Huang Jun-ying (黃俊英), her main rival, on the eve of the election and on the polling day influenced election results.
The district court stressed in a news release that “Chen’s polling-day action of making public a videotape showing a man [...]

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DPP heavyweights Avoid Questioning in Special Funds Cases

The Special Funds continue to wreak havoc among Taiwan’s politicians…the Taiwan News reports:
The ruling party’s 2008 presidential candidate Frank Hsieh (謝長廷) and four other party heavyweights will not be questioned over the alleged misuse of their special allowances until July at the earliest, the Supreme Prosecutors Office’s special investigation panel disclosed yesterday.
However, prosecutors will wrap [...]

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Toppling the Cabinet: DPP Joins the Bandwagon

The DPP is moving closer toward a joining a no-confidence vote in the Premier initiated by the PFP last year. The new premier, Chang Chun-hsiung, observed…..
Speaking to reporters at the Grand Hotel after attending a national drug control conference, Chang said he respected the president’s and legislators’ positions on toppling the Cabinet to pave the [...]

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Taiwan: How the numbers are faked

I know some of you out there still have trouble accepting in your gut that so many of those nice numbers you see on Taiwan’s TV screens are totally bogus. Numbers are, after all, an American cultural habit. But ESWN found a nifty little nugget that is a primer in number creation by fiat:
During the [...]

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Referendums Redux

In 2004 one of the ways the DPP stoked its base and powered its way to victory was the use of referendums held during the election. One purpose may have been to demonstrate a popular basis for DPP policies; another, to establish the use of popular referendum, thus taking another step toward independence of government, [...]

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Hille on Ma. Again.

One great thing about the Financial Times is that they have a reporter stationed in Taiwan, one of the largest trading nations in the world, and a key flashpoint for a possible East Asian conflict. Kudos to them for doing what many other organizations have not. Unfortunately, that reporter is Kathrin Hille, who seems to [...]

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KMT: the Past into the Future

The election for the new Chairman of the KMT ended in victory for Wu Po-hsiung, the former vice chair. Wu is now believed to be Ma Ying-jeou’s man, prompting Ma’s main rival, Speaker of the Legislature and longtime party insider Wang Jin-pyng to threaten hell and damnation:
In the wake of the KMT chairmanship by-election, Wang, [...]

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President Floats Name Change Trial Balloon

With the legislative elections on the agenda for December, identity politics are already in full bore. We already had the experience of 2-28, and with the 20th anniversary of the lifting of martial law in 1987 happening in July, we can expect plenty more use of the same tactics by the DPP. Meanwhile the President, [...]

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Venusian Politics

And if he went back, there was a warrant waiting for him from the Federation Member Republic of Venus. That was standard procedure. If you got voted out of office, they indicted you for corrupt practices. There were no other kind in Venusian politics.– H. Beam Piper, When In the Course –
The China Post, the [...]

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