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Those Choosy Voters in Our Maturing Democracy

Taiwan Journal hosts a commentary by David Lorenzo of Virginia Wesleyan on how the election confirms Taiwan’s maturing democracy. This article describes what has become the new, and very widespread CW:
Taiwan’s recent presidential election did more than just determine the future of its executive branch and signal future directions in policy with China. It also [...]

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Media Quick Hits

I’m off camping in Gukeng, the center of Taiwan’s coffee production. Coffee-themed kitsch on a galactic scale…. Meantime lots of commentary out there on the Taiwan election. First is this disturbing editorial from Taiwan News on the human rights situation and the KMT. The money quote:
However, many actions and statements of KMT legislators since Ma’s [...]

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More election comments (if you can stand them)

Some comments in no particular order:
First the mea culpa. I was totally wrong on the swing vote, as Forumosa poster Mick stopped by to caustically remind me in a comment that I lost (along with about 12 others in a Blogger error). The swing vote was about twice as big as I thought. More on [...]

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The Political Economy of the Taiwan Special Administrative Region, 2008-2016

Old military works outside of the port of Keelung.
…excerpted with permission from Mai Che-en’s The Political Economy of the Taiwan Special Administrative Region 2008-2016, published in June of 2017, Armonk: ME Sharpe.
….in the summer of 2008 controls on Chinese investment in Taiwan were lifted, and both Chinese capital and international capital flowed into Taiwan [...]

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Election Rejection

Wow! That was certainly a blast with no uncertainty. Taiwan took a huge step backward yesterday, all the way back to before 2000. Lots of people have written over the years that Taiwanese are committed to their democracy and love it. That will now be put to the test. The KMT-dominated legislature has repeatedly attempted [...]

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5:00 update

Banged around Taipei visiting events. Came back to Yungho to find a miniature parade for Frank Hsieh marching around the residential areas there.

Of course, not everyone was focused on what they were supposed to be doing. Take AP, for example: they recommend that Taiwan’s electorate, take two Xanax. Yes, Ma Ying-jeou, a calming figure:
Ma Ying-jeou [...]

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Two from the International Media

You keep reading ‘em, I’ll keep churning ‘em out….
Jon Adams, the local correspondent who has been turning out some really high quality stuff recently, visited Kinmen this week to take a peek at the future of Taiwan-China relations….

Direct cross-strait travel is largely prohibited because of the decades-old standoff between Taiwan and China. But here in [...]

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2:00 Commentary

Friend calls me today: there’s a concert for Tibet at 9:00. Am I going? Certainly, I explained. I’m going to need a new lost cause after this election….
….no, seriously, after months of hearing how Ma was going to blow away Hsieh (and hearing people laugh in my face when I mentioned the possibility of a [...]

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Pre-mortem: How the International Media have Failed Taiwan

A 3-D presentation at the 2-28 Museum shows the spread of the revolt across Taiwan in early March of 1947.First, moment of humor, courtesy of my friend Sponge Bear. For some reason raving China apologist Gregory Clark still gets space in the Japan Times, and he has another one of his excuses for murdered Tibetans [...]

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The Young and Shy

FAPA press conference
Big News today: Lee Teng-hui convened a press conference this afternoon to announce that he was giving his vote to Frank Hsieh. Finally. As I sat in a taxi listening to him on the radio speaking in gruff Mandarin, the taxi driver bluntly informed me that Lee would have no effect. That led [...]

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Manthorpe, Tibet, Taiwan

Wednesday night I stopped by O’Ginny’s, which is in a warren somewhere off of Mingsheng East Road, to listen to Jonathan Manthorpe, author of Forbidden Nation, speak on the election and on Taiwan in general. Manthorpe proved to have a rare knowledge of Taiwan, and was a pleasure to listen to. The food was meh, [...]

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ICRT Election Roundtable Results

On major streets at rush hour, the two parties have people standing on street corners with signs, and handing out packets of kleenex. Here a bevy of young beauties supports the DPP.
Today began with a lightning ride up to Taipei to attend some of the events that are happening around the capital as the election [...]

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Interviews and Views

A sombre Ma overlooks an intersection in Taichung.
First, Taiwan News reports some good news out of the EU:
Members from the European Parliament yesterday issued a statement supporting Taiwan’s efforts to become a member of the United Nations, and urged other European Union countries and U.N. members to support Taiwan’s U.N. bid.
In the statement, the [...]

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Tibet and Taiwan

Make no mistake: Tibet is an issue for Taiwan, and it is now a hot topic. The PRC shooting people a week before an election here has forced every voter to examine where they stand on Ma Ying-jeou’s promise not to sell out the island — and is a marker of how far Taiwan has [...]

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Robin Winkler on the Green Card Issue

Robin Winkler’s office flipped me this translation of a piece from the Liberty Times, an interview with Robin Winkler on the Green Card issue. Most foreigners don’t get the whole green card thing, especially in Taipei, where there is widespread dismissal of any possibility of its effectiveness. Yes, and they tell me Ma is winning [...]

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