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Taiwan Indigenous People to Perform at Olympic Ceremony

SCMP reports:
To ensure details of the event remain a surprise until the last minute on August 8, design and production teams as well as the cast had to sign a confidentiality agreement before they were allowed to work on the programme. Any breach could result in jail sentences of up to seven years, according to [...]

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Chatting with Somebody: Dr. Kurtis Pei, National Pingtung Institute of Technology

Here’s where it all began: the local train, slogging the 90 minutes between Tainan and Pingtung (click on any photo to see its page on Flickr).
On Thursday two weeks ago I took the blue train out to Pingtung and the bus to the Hakka town of Neipu to visit Dr. Kurtis Pei at National Pingtung [...]

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Aboriginal Education in Taiwan and Canada

A friend pointed me to this long and informative article on aboriginal higher education in Taiwan and Canada:
This study is an attempt to assess directions, goals, and achievements in higher education for Aboriginal people in Taiwan, with comparisons to Indian higher education in Canada. This study will highlight developing relationships between the College of Indigenous [...]

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MeteorsThis weekend, Dec 13-4, we’re getting a huge storm.
According to McBeath, the Geminids are predicted to reach peak activity on Dec. 14 at 16:45 GMT. That means those places from central Asia eastwards across the Pacific Ocean to Alaska are in the best position to catch the very crest of the shower, when the rates [...]

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Prehistoric Intercourse

Taiwan’s origins were a topic in the news this week. First there was an article on the jade (nephrite) trade in SE Asia thousands of years ago…

Taiwan was at the centre of a one of the most extensive sea-based trade networks in the prehistoric world, new research shows.
The network, which traded in Taiwanese jade, has [...]

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Smangus Tree Battle

The aboriginal town of Smangus has found itself in that ugly spot between official intransigence and local traditions — and so far imperialism is winning. The Taipei Times gives a brief account:
A group of Atayal Aborigines from Smangus Village in Hsinchu County yesterday said they would appeal a Taiwan High Court ruling that sentenced [...]

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Aborigines Losing Their Christianity?

Peter Enav of the AP reports on declining belief in Christianity among the aborigines of Taiwan:
Sixty years after Roman Catholic and Presbyterian missionaries first converted large numbers of Taiwanese aboriginals in their leafy mountain villages, Christianity here is entering a new phase. Adherents are leaving the faith.
Faced with a declining agricultural economy in their hard [...]

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Shung Ye Monograph Series at SMC

For those of you into Taiwan books, the Southern Materials Center has both reprints and new stuff on Taiwan. Their bookstore is at: 羅斯福路三段 283 巷 14 弄 14 號 (14 Roosevelt Rd. Lane 283, Alley 14). It’s the lane behind McDonalds across from the side gate of National Taiwan U.).(website)
One of the series they [...]

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Japanese Islanders Want Closer Relations With Taiwan

Japanese islanders want to open relations with Taiwan…..
HUALIEN, Taiwan–Twice snubbed by Tokyo, residents on Yonagunijima island, Japan’s westernmost point, are banking on Taiwan for survival.
Town officials from Yonaguni, Okinawa Prefecture, opened a liaison office here last week to revive the close ties with Taiwan that were severed when Okinawa reverted to Japanese control in 1972.
“The [...]

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Taiwanese Beat Europeans to South America

Last year human DNA showed that the Polynesians hailed from our fair island. Now it appears that those sons of Taiwan beat the Europeans to South America…
Chilean archaeologists working at the site of El Arenal-1, on the Arauco Peninsula in south-central Chile, discovered what they thought might be the first prehistoric chicken [...]

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Kayaking from the Philippines to Taiwan

Yahoo reports that a Japanese man is going to kayak to eastern Taiwan from the Philippines, ” just like people did in the past.”
A 31-year-old Japanese man embarked Sunday on a sea kayak adventure from the northern tip of the main Philippine island Luzon to Hualien in eastern Taiwan, hoping to be the first man [...]

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