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Agreement Inked on Regular Direct Flights

Reuters is one of many media outlets announcing the big news:
China and Taiwan signed a landmark deal on Friday to launch regular flights between the long-time rivals as politics was put aside in favour of practicalities in the first such talks in almost a decade.
Apart from special holidays, there have been no regular direct flights [...]

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WSJ-Asia:Taiwan Airlines to benefit from Direct Flights?

I’ve been kvetching recently about the tendency to view the China-Taiwan economic relationship in cargo-cult terms, and here today the Asian edition of the Wall Street Journal carried an article today cautioning investors on exaggerating the effects of direct flights (link is behind a pay wall):
[Analysts] believe that even if direct China-Taiwan air links materialize [...]

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Ma charter flight plan opens July 4 (UPDATED with nuke plants)

Ma speaking at the Dead Dictator’s Tomb (Taipei Times). Looks like a Photoshop moment, but it’s for real. Cries out for captioning.China Economic Review says Ma’s charter flight plan commences July 4:
The National Policy Foundation, a think tank of Ma’s Nationalist Party or Kuomintang, said in a recent report that it had completed the direct [...]

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