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Ma China Times Ad Says Taiwan’s Fate is for Taiwanese to Decide

Feiren alerted me to this ad by KMT Presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou on the second page of the China Times to mark the 3rd Anniversary of the Anti-Secession Law. Feiren did a quickie translation of it:
We firmly hold that Taiwan’s future must be decided by people of Taiwan.Defend the Republic of China’s sovereignty and firmly [...]

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A-bian interviewed in Chicago Trib

President Chen Shui-bian is interviewed in the Chicago Tribune by long-time Taiwan scholar Dennis Hickey. An excerpt:

Q Why wouldn’t a return to the “one-China principle” lead to peace with China?
A Past presidents of Taiwan supported the idea of eventual unification with China. Did this lead to peace? In the 1950s, [Chinese leaders] threatened to “wash [...]

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China Threat To Taiwan Grave

Reuters becomes the latest news service to treat Chinese propaganda on the Anti-Secession Law as something meaningful and important. First, the news story itself:
China cannot compromise on its claim to Taiwan and is ready for “grave” scenarios, a top adviser said, days after the island’s ruling party resolved to recommend a new constitution, with implications [...]

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