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AP: Peace Offer not Directed At Chen

AP strikes once more with a brilliant analysis of the Hu Jintao “peace offer.”
Alexander Huang, former second-in-command at the Taiwanese government agency responsible for implementing China policy, said Hu’s comments were made with the full knowledge that Chen will be leaving office next May, two months after Taiwanese voters elect a new president.
“(They were) intended [...]

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AP Resurrects Mad Chen

Mad Chen continues his Mad ways…love the hugely slanted headline:
Chen seen continuing hard-line PRC policy
Remember when Chen was pragmatic and flexible? My, how a thousand missiles can change things. AP goes on to explain:
Several Taiwanese newspapers said yesterday that Chen has decided to pick a loyalist, former Premier Chang Chun-hsiung (張俊雄), to succeed Su, an [...]

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Letter: absolutely the last word on AP and Lu

The Taipei Times was kind enough to run my letter on the AP’s use of the “scum of nation” in describing Vice President Lu:
What AP Did
The recent “scum of the nation” flap, and the response to it from the Taipei Times, Associated Press (AP) and other organizations, shows that the media still do not understand [...]

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Media Problems in the AP on Ma Indictment

Peter Enav of AP filed an article last night on the Ma Ying-jeou indictments….it mostly covers ground I covered in the post below. I just want to highlight this all-too-common annoyance:
The indictment could well put a damper on chances for a thaw in Taiwan’s perennially troubled relations with China. Beijing is believed to have high [...]

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