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Nelson Report: Bush Administration Blocking F-16 Sale

The Nelson Report, the well-known Washington insider report from Chris Nelson, on the US, Taiwan, and arms purchases. I’ve highlighted certain sections, and left comments after others. This is a long piece, well-written, and insightful from someone with an involvement in Taiwan affairs that dates back some thirty years……
TAIWAN ARMS…the debate over selling arms to [...]

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The China Problem is a US Problem

The Wall Street Journal, which abused UN Secretary-General Ban for his erroneous interpretation of UN 2578 last week, received a comically bombastic letter from the Chinese representative in the US:
King of the U.N.” (Review & Outlook, Aug. 13), which lodged an unjustified accusation against U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s rejection of [Taiwan President] Chen Shui-bian’s letter [...]

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