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Stevan Harrell Interviewed in Blogging Beijing, and other tales

Dr. Stevan Harrell, longtime Taiwan and China scholar who used to live in Taiwan and has produced some wonderful work on it, was interviewed on his work in China and on the Beijing Olympics, on Blogging Beijing. A sample:
How were you drawn into studying minority people in southwest China?
After the Mosher affair , it was [...]

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Nelson Report — Still More on the Arms Freeze

The Washington insider Nelson Report doesn’t often have remark on Taiwan, and yet here are two in a row that have stuff on Taiwan. This one comments on Wolfowitz’s remarks the other day. Pay attention to that first sentence — does it herald change?:
TAIWAN ARMS…we can confirm that the Administration is in deep consultation over [...]

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Nelson Report : More on arms freeze

Once again, the Washington insider report The Nelson Report has another round of inside-the-Beltway analysis on the Arms Freeze.
TAIWAN ARMS…”fallout” continues from PACOM Adm. Tim Keating’s speech to the Heritage Foundation last week, covered in recent Nelson Reports, in which Keating informally confessed that the White House has put a “freeze” (press language, not his) [...]

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Nelson Report on Freeze:

The Nelson Report, the widely-circulated Washington insider report, recently wrote:
Taiwan arms…last week’s Heritage speech by PACOM’s Adm. Tim Keating continues to generate attention in Asia, given his admission of a US “arms sale freeze” in order not to risk disruption of the currently improved China-Taiwan situation.
But we were wrong in reporting that Keating explicitly said [...]

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Rainy Days and Freezes

Rivers cresting near Taichung. Ordinarily these bridges are many meters above the water. The steady rain has pounded the island into submission.
Yesterday the flooding was so bad that I did the whole trains, planes, and buses gig, spending more than 6 hours on a two hour trip. I got on the 7:00 express to Taichung [...]

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Talk Given by Randall Shriver, July 17, 2008, on Taiwan-US relations

Author and blogger J Michael Cole, a frequent commentator in the Taipei Times, and an attendee at Thursday’s presentation.
On Thursday the 17th I had the great good fortune to attend a talk given by Randall Shriver, a longtime Taiwan booster who has held a number of US government posts concerned with Taiwan and Asia policy. [...]

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Arms Freeze Roundup

First, Admiral Tim Keating, Commander of the US Pacific Fleet, confirmed Wednesday at the Heritage Foundation that the Bush Administration has an arms freeze. There’s so much to talk about here…first one of the many news reports, from Max Hirsch at Kyodo:
A top U.S. military commander has confirmed for the first time that Washington has [...]

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Senate Queries POTUS on Taiwan Arms Freeze

Some interesting news out of Washington, as 14 Senators sent a letter to the President on the 30 of June asking him why the heck the Administration has decided to stop selling weapons to Taiwan. The letter says that Taiwan is an important customer for US weapons, and notes that it is in US interests [...]

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