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Ted Galen Carpenter on US and Taiwan Defense Policy

Last year Ted Galen Carpenter of the Cato Institute published a book discussing why we shouldn’t defend Taiwan. This year he’s back to work on the issue of defending Taiwan, this time complaining in the Asian Wall Street Journal that Taiwan is free riding on the US defense network:
The Taiwan legislature’s reluctance to pass a [...]

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Defense Procurement

I was poking around the net today and found two important articles from 2006 on defense procurement issues in Taiwan. The first comes from the hand of Mark Stokes, who was in charge of Taiwan for the Pentagon, and is now working for Raytheon here on Taiwan. Mark lays out much of the background to [...]

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John Tkacik: Defense = Offense

John Tkacik, a Heritage scholar and longtime supporter of the Beautiful Isle, had a Valentine’s Day commentary in the Taipei Times that argued for provision of more “offensive” weapons to Taiwan:
The State Department fought hard against selling Taiwan the production technology for the IDF fighters in the mid-1980s, and battled against the Pentagon’s push to [...]

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