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Non-support is Support for Beijing

It’s WHO time again…and AFP reports on Taiwan’s frustration with “friendly” nations…
Taiwan said it expected the United States to lead a push for observer status for the island at the World Health Organization (WHO) despite China’s persistent opposition.
Joseph Wu, Taiwan’s de facto envoy in Washington, said he expected “very clear support” from the United States, [...]

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Torch in Oz: Priceless Commentary

A classic piece on the Torch in Oz. The whole thing must be read, from the Chinese guards in a shoving match with Aussie police, to Beijing’s busing in protesters to drown out the pro-democracy voices:
If I hadn’t seen the circus with my own eyes, I’d think the $2 million we spent running a torch [...]

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Not Being Careful What You Wish For

The Pacific islands’ relationship with Taiwan is back in the news. Last January I discussed several articles on Taiwan’s diplomatic initiatives in the South Seas. I cited one piece which said:
Following destructive riots in the Solomons capital Honiara in April, the Australian and New Zealand governments criticised the Taiwanese government for engaging in chequebook diplomacy [...]

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Aaarrgh! to the Syndey Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald reporter Mary-Anne Toy just got back from a Taiwan government-supported trip to Taiwan and produced a very uneven article that at times offers an excellent review of affairs, but at others, remains within the conventions that govern journalistic writing on Taiwan. Consider this:
Beijing has claimed sovereignty over the island democracy since their [...]

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