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The Flow of Crap: Day 3: BBC’s Alternate Universe (UPDATE 1)

I’ve decided to have one post like this each day, where we put the latest media fun, updated as the day goes on.
Today maddog alerted me to this report from BBC’s alternate universe. That’s the universe where, two years later, you can still read on their Taiwan timeline that Chen Shui-bian devolved his powers onto [...]

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Beeb on Torch and China-Taiwan Forum

The BBC reports on the Torch Relay Row and the recent China-”Taiwan” Forum…offering a peek at how the news is constructed. The Beeb opens with the following two sentences:
Chinese President Hu Jintao has called for closer economic and cultural exchanges between China and Taiwan.
Mr Hu was speaking at a China-Taiwan forum in Beijing, aimed at [...]

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It’s BBC on Ma: so where’s the context?

It’s BBC reporting on the trial Ma Ying-jeou, once mayor of Taipei, once Chairman of the KMT, now an accused embezzler, which opened today. So we need not belabor the point that everything important to the context will be left out. The BBC reports:
Taiwan opposition leader and presidential hopeful Ma Ying-jeou has gone on trial [...]

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Beeb Reports on Butterfly Highway

A BBC report on closing a Taiwan highway to protect migrating butterflies is getting play on blogs all over the world:
The purple milkweed butterfly, which winters in the south of the island, passes over some 600m of motorway to reach its breeding ground in the north.
Many of the 11,500 butterflies that attempt the journey each [...]

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Ma Resignation Rejected, KMT changes the Rules, BBC Reports

The BBC also has an article on Ma Ying-jeou’s fall from grace:
“Ma Ying-jeou is suspected of misappropriating … special funds, which do not require documentation for reimbursement,” the high court prosecutor’s office said in a statement.
The investigation into his finances began in mid-November after allegations that he had shifted money from a special fund into [...]

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