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Retrospectives Begin….Reuters on Chen’s Legacy

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Ralph Jennings at Reuters has put together a retrospective on the Chen Shui-bian presidency that focuses on China policy…
His wife may have been indicted for graft and his anti-China rage upset major ally the [...]

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Economic Tips and Tricks

My friend Jim passed me this article from an online Japanese paper on Taiwanese and Chinese firms registering Japanese names as trademarks.
Chinese and Taiwanese firms also have submitted applications to Chinese authorities to use Japanese regional brands including Matsusaka-ushi beef and Naruto Kintoki sweet potato as trademarks, a JETRO official said.
The Japanese local specialties have [...]

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Some interesting stuff going on out there today. Wapo has a long article on the decline of Japan, one of several that have appeared recently. There is also a piece in Wapo by Jane Rickards of AmCham here on President Chen’s trip to the Spratlys:
Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian inaugurated a runway on one of the [...]

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A-bian interviewed in Chicago Trib

President Chen Shui-bian is interviewed in the Chicago Tribune by long-time Taiwan scholar Dennis Hickey. An excerpt:

Q Why wouldn’t a return to the “one-China principle” lead to peace with China?
A Past presidents of Taiwan supported the idea of eventual unification with China. Did this lead to peace? In the 1950s, [Chinese leaders] threatened to “wash [...]

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AFP Again *Sigh*

Yesterday, as I was watching the mess over at the Memorial Formerly Known as CKS Memorial on TV in the school cafeteria, I thought to myself that this was certain to trigger a flood of really bad articles in the foreign media about Taiwan. Already AFP is ahead of the curve on that one….
Note how [...]

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Why Chen Made the Martial Law Comment

Last week President Chen intimated that he was considering martial law as a possible alternative to handle the KMT’s lawlessness in refusing to obey the regulations for elections promulgated by the CEC. This comment was widely disparaged by observers on all sides of the political debates.
I can only speculate, but this paragraph from Willy Lam’s [...]

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Kitty Hawk through Straits; Latest Nelson Report on Kitty Hawk

The Navy finished the Kitty Hawk affair in fine style, sending the carrier through the Taiwan Strait on the way home.
A U.S. aircraft carrier group sailed through the tense waters between China and Taiwan after it was denied entry last week to a Hong Kong port, the U.S. Navy said on Thursday.
The USS Kitty Hawk [...]

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Business Leader Calls for Peace Law

Business leader Robert Tsao put out advertizements in three newspapers the other day, calling for a peace agreement with China. The China Post reports:
“If Taiwan adopts a cross-strait peaceful co-existence law, relations between the two sides of the Strait can begin to develop in the right direction,” said Tsao, who calls himself a “small ordinary [...]

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US Congressman Introduce Resolution to Support UN for Taiwan

Media outlets are reporting the introduction of a resolution backed by 19 US legislators to support Taiwan into the UN (Taipei Times).
No date has been fixed for debate on the bill in the US legislature.
“It’s unclear when it will come before the committee, we have no mark-ups scheduled for the next month,” said Lynne Weil, [...]

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The Hillary Clinton Solution

The KMT has a pretty serious presidential dilemma: its candidate for the March election, Ma Ying-jeou, is clearly the inferior one. What’s the solution? The Hillary Clinton approach….
Last week the Taipei Times wrote on the recent spat between Chen and Ma, this the latest scenelet in the long-running tactic of the DPP to portray Ma [...]

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Hu Ignored in Taiwan

Commentator Ting-i Tsai has another good piece in the Asia Times on the Hu “peace offer”
Hu’s olive branch, therefore, is consistent with Hu’s previous practices, in the minds of some observers. At a summit with Taiwan’s opposition Kuomintang on April 29, 2005, an agreement to sign a peace accord was among some of the points [...]

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Robert Ross Does it Again

Wow. Among the hundreds of articles on Taiwan I have discussed on this blog over the last couple of years, this piece of dreck from Robert Ross, For China, How To Manage Taiwan?, represents the absolute nadir of writing on the island and its future in a major media publication.
Probably the only accurate statement [...]

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Pan-Blues Throttle Missile Production

Reuters reported that the pan-Blues in Taiwan voted to throttle the budget to produce cruise missiles capable of hitting targets in China…..
Taiwan opposition lawmakers have voted to slash the budget to produce cruise missiles that could strike Chinese targets such as Shanghai, effectively freezing the programme which had aimed to begin mass production next year.
Lawmakers [...]

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AP: Peace Offer not Directed At Chen

AP strikes once more with a brilliant analysis of the Hu Jintao “peace offer.”
Alexander Huang, former second-in-command at the Taiwanese government agency responsible for implementing China policy, said Hu’s comments were made with the full knowledge that Chen will be leaving office next May, two months after Taiwanese voters elect a new president.
“(They were) intended [...]

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Bradsher on the "Peace Offer"

Keith Bradsher of the NY Times has a thorough article on surrender demand “peace offer” from China’s Hu and the reactions in Taiwan and China. The article is Beijing-centric in many ways, but it has a couple of important observations.
President Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan denounced Thursday a peace overture from President Hu Jintao of China [...]

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