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What’s Chinese?

An excellent post by Andrew Leonard over at in his column How the World Works points to two very intertwined phenomena — what is globalization, and what is Chinese culture? Leonard, who posts from time to time on Taiwan in its global context, writes:
One of the oddities of history is that although Taiwan is [...]

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Crazed Ad in the Washington Post

Some guy paid $30K to have this baby put in the Washington Post. I especially like the crack that “Taiwanese” sounds like “Taiwan Ni Sui” = “Taiwan You Die”. Glad somebody is making money off this stuff.
Click on it to see the full size version on my Flickr account (click on ALL SIZES).
[Taiwan] [US] [...]

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"Chinese" New Year?

Maddog at Taiwan Matters points to the debate on whether Lunar New Year should be Chinese New Year…
First, from the Liberty Times, the Chinese language Green publication:
范嘉芬提到農曆年,如果要用英文表達,幾乎絕大部份的人都會說成「Chinese New Year」(中國年),但這是錯的。正確的說法是Lunar New Year。
Fan Chia-fen observed of the agricultural new year, that if we use English to express it, most people say “Chinese New Year”, but this [...]

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