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Ma on CNN

A Ma fan in a local office.
Ma Ying-jeou was on CNN’s Talk Asia the other day. PART 1, PART 2. The CNN text is a priceless mishmash of KMT talking points and erroneous information that is insulting to both Ma and its readers. Here is the header….
….which refers to “premier” Ma. In the text, [...]

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Letter: absolutely the last word on AP and Lu

The Taipei Times was kind enough to run my letter on the AP’s use of the “scum of nation” in describing Vice President Lu:
What AP Did
The recent “scum of the nation” flap, and the response to it from the Taipei Times, Associated Press (AP) and other organizations, shows that the media still do not understand [...]

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CNN Channels Beijing in describing Lu

The DPP is now officially overflowing with candidates for the 2008 Presidential elections as Annette Lu tossed her fur scarf into the ring. Hardly was she out of the gate when CNN came under fire from all over for its ridiculous story that repeated insulting Chinese characterizations of Lu UPDATE: As the comments below [...]

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Ma on TalkAsia

Chairman Ma handled another interview with the foreign media well, according to the Taipei Times…some excerpts:
Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Chairman Ma Ying-jeou (馬英九) used an interview on CNN’s Talk Asia program to accuse the Dem-ocratic Progressive Party (DPP) of endangering Taiwan’s security and international status by advocating independence.
Ma’s interview displays some of the reasons the [...]

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Dan Bloom Smokes CNN

My friend Danny Bloom waxed CNN for its blunders in a letter to the Taipei Times, showing once again how Beijing-think dominates media discourse about Taiwan:
First, she (or to be fair, her editors in the CNN control booth) printed Chen’s name in English incorrectly — it’s “Chen Shui-bian,” not “Chen Shiu Bian” — and [...]

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