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Daily Links, July 31, 2008

One minute of the Self-Strengthening Train speeding across the southern Taiwan landscape on a gorgeous post-typhoon day. Meanwhile, what’s speeding across the Taiwan blogscape?

J-hole at Ni Howdy blogs on strange things found in the China Post.

Sponge bear goes for a hike and finds lush pics and a great piece on Japanese nationalism.

Cross Strait Economics on [...]

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Daily Links, July 4, 2008

Ah, teenagers. Sometimes its The House With Two Eyores:
DAD: Kids, what do you want to have for dinner?TEENAGER 1: [flat voice] Nothing.TEENAGER 2: [Bored] I don’t care.
Sometimes it’s The Tim Burton Home Movie:
DAD: Where have you two been for the last hour?SEBASTIAN: We went to California!SHERIDAN: Yeah! And Sebastian got two girls pregnant!
Fortunately they sleep [...]

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Daily Links, June 12, 2008

The miracle of mimicry above, and on the blogs, the miracle of creativity…

Paogao enjoys a night at the national symphony orchestra.

Taiwan Scams: The ATM machine.

David on Formosa has a guest post on Computex. And a good post on the bike industry and biking here.

Fili goes wild with pics at the Tainan Dragon Boat festival.

Kaohsiung [...]

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Daily Links, May 24, 2008

In Taichung, a spider takes a break.
Haven’t had any spider pics for a while. I know that missing part of your life is now fulfilled.

Tainan is full of interesting older buildings.
What’s out there on the blogs? The devilishly handsome Erik Lundh, who broke hearts all over the eastern seaboard when he flew out here on [...]

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Daily Links, April 4, 2007

What’s parked on the blogs today?

The Bushman visits Beautiful Wulai.

Ma Ying-jeou protests too much, according to the Foreigner

Fili visits The Holocaust Museum in Taiwan

That’s Impossible! on the war on Taiwanese language. And another post on it. Many things Taiwanese are going bye-bye under the new regime.

Getting a leg up with videos + music.

David looks at [...]

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Daily Links, March 27, 2008

A specialty vehicle used at a fishing port in southern Taiwan.
What’s rolling across the blogs lately?

A-gu has some caustic comments on the KMT’s demand for a little time to get things in order.

David on Formosa announces a new website: Images of Old Taiwan.

Taiwan Matters has a long and detailed critique of the KMT move to [...]

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Daily links, March 6, 2008

Many people think that civilization lies in the provision of running water and public health services. They are wrong: civilization is characterized by the search for the perfect tomato. And these delicious, soft-fleshed, pink tomatoes are the only thing I look forward to in the winter.
Between bites of tomato and cheese, let’s take a look [...]

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Daily Links, Feb 1, 2008

What’s visible on the blogs today?
Travels in Taiwan, a great blog with wonderful pics, has the skinny on the Great Gorge in Chiayi.

Prince Roy on the China blog world.

Does this pic indicate permission to fart? Taken on a Shihlin Night Market street.

This investor guide says Taiwan’s economy kicks ass.

ROC the Boat offers some acerbic commentary [...]

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Daily Links, Chinese New Year, Going Back to the Inlaws’ Day

New friendships for Chinese New Year. And plenty of new posts…

Todd has some great pics from his trip to Kaohsiung.

Scott Sommers has a great post on social class and local foreigners.

Poagao argues that the name rectification campaign is dynastic thinking, and that the DPP hasn’t replaced the names with anything significant. Because the name “Taiwan” [...]

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