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DPP legislators Indicted for Resisting KMT Tresspassing

Taiwan’s democracy should not be marred by illegal eavesdropping, arbitrary justice, and political interference in the media or electoral institutions. All of us share this vision for the next phase of political reform. – Ma Ying-jeou’s inaugural speech
Remember that incident during the election when KMT legislators invaded DPP HQ and a scuffle resulted? (my [...]

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Sweeping Falun Gong Under the Carpet

Lawrence Chung at the South China Morning Post reports that local governments are suppressing Falun Gong protesters, a common sight at tourist spots all over Taiwan, ahead of visitors from China…[no link, behind paywall]
…He vowed supporters would continue promoting Falun Gong, which they say is a spiritual movement but which is banned on the mainland [...]

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The Ma Dilemma in Foreign Relations: "If Taiwan can have better relations with China…"

There’s a new democratic wind blowing in Paraguay, and according to a report in the Paraguayan paper La Nacion and a recent Taiwan News editorial, things in Paraguay are looking grim for Taiwan (Espanol to Ingles translation by Google):
Taiwan announced today that it will strengthen its communications with the Paraguayan president-elect, former Catholic Bishop Fernando [...]

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To Change China?

In the run-up to the 2000 Taiwan election, the Washington Post featured a short piece by a reporter named John Pomfret, an interview with then-presidential candidate James Soong. Pomfret presented Soong, at that time a lifelong opponent of democracy, as a democratic reformer. I responded with a short letter protesting this mischaracterization of Soong’s political [...]

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Pictures and Text

Saw some new posters out there on the way to the train station today, though the DPP has too many of the old posters up. Need some new styles! In Taichung Ma Ying-jeou has some nice new posters that are very localized. Also making an appearance are some ominous black ones that call on readers [...]

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Frank Ching: Chen is Illogical

Frank Ching’s latest in the South China Morning Post — the article is currently behind a pay wall, so enjoy.
There is no possibility that Taiwan can enter the UN, as both Washington and Beijing have said. Yet the DPP government insists on holding a referendum on the issue on March 22 - the day of [...]

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China Threat To Taiwan Grave

Reuters becomes the latest news service to treat Chinese propaganda on the Anti-Secession Law as something meaningful and important. First, the news story itself:
China cannot compromise on its claim to Taiwan and is ready for “grave” scenarios, a top adviser said, days after the island’s ruling party resolved to recommend a new constitution, with implications [...]

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Latest Nelson Report on Taiwan

Chris Nelson’s Washington insider report on Taiwan contains a section from a speech by a State Department official that gives a good idea of how State sees itself and the whole UN referendum issue. Nelson himself, prefacing the speech, writes:
The Bush Administration has consistently, in private and in public, warned Taiwanese leaders not to do [...]

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UN Referendum Mess Round Up

Heritage’s John Tkacik has another excellent piece, this time on the referendum issue. Tkacik pointed out what I have also been complaining about:
But a crisis is in the making. While Taiwan’s leaders remain tone-deaf amid the vast global preoccupations of their most important friend, the United States, the Bush [...]

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Red Ants are Back

AFP reports that the Red Ant Army of Shih Ming-te is back in action.
Thousands of people rallied in the Taiwanese capital Sunday to mark the one-year anniversary of a campaign to oust President Chen Shui-bian over alleged corruption.
At least 1,000 riot police were deployed, but no clashes were reported in the candle-lit vigil, held on [...]

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Taiwan TV flap in Singapore

Making the rounds in Singapore is this snippet from a local talk show that discusses Singapore, in the context of Ma Ying-jeou’s praises of the city-state’s government as efficient. This blog gives a synopsis.
Rough Synopsis:
1. Ma Ying Jiu made a comment comparing Singapore to Taiwan. His opinion that Singapore was more efficient, un-corrupt and economically [...]

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Rectifying the Textbooks

Annie Huang of the AP reports on the changes in the school textbooks here. The Ministry of Education is reforming the textbooks to eliminate the problem of Chinese colonialism that continues to define so much of historical and social education here.
The announcement is the latest in a series of moves by the island in the [...]

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Is Frank Hsieh a Moderate?

Unfortunately, David G. Brown’s awful article on Frank Hsieh, which appeared three weeks ago in the CSIS newsletter out of Johns Hopkins, is now running in the Japan Times, and will likely appear in one of the local English papers soon (it was picked up by Taiwan the other day). I put together a [...]

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Revolting Story of EU Kow-tow to China

Here’s something sick from the Economist:

China tells the EU to dump on Taiwan. The EU asks “How hard?”

ASK officials in Brussels about relations between China and the European Union, and you will soon hear the word “values”. A recent EU strategy paper on China calls on Europe to pursue a “dynamic relationship with China based [...]

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Freedom House Smokes KMT Crack

Blogger Feiren alerted me to the new country report on Taiwan from Freedom House. It is clear from the text that the report compilers simply regurgitate pan-Blue propaganda, and are either comprehensively incompetent or seriously malicious. Take a look at this nonsense:
Taiwan’s political rights rating declined from 1 to 2 due to concerns about corruption, [...]

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