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Tsai Ing-wen on the DPP’s Path to the Future

I have been greatly cheered by what I’ve so far from new DPP Chairman Tsai Ing-wen, whom I always thought would make a great chairman. Today the Taipei Times reported on her talk at the foreign correspondents club….
Tsai — talking to members of the Taiwan Foreign Correspondents Club in Taipei — reiterated the message she [...]

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Contrasting Messages

First, from Reuters, is a very long piece on China’s response to Ma’s speech. The key point is right up front:
China vowed on Thursday to seize a chance for reconciliation with Taiwan and respect the desire of Taiwan’s people to be their own masters, a sign it is in no hurry to bring the island [...]

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Ma’s Inaugural Speech: a look

I’ve decided to go over Ma’s inaugural address. Most of these insights, including all of the translation stuff (make your own judgment about the good faith of the English translators), belong to others; I have only borrowed them….it begins:
Taiwan’s RenaissanceHeads of State of Our Diplomatic Allies, Distinguished Guests, Overseas Compatriots, My Fellow Taiwanese, and Dear [...]

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Retrospectives Begin….Reuters on Chen’s Legacy

Apologies: I’m working on migrating the blog and comments may be off from time to time. If you can’t post, return later.
Ralph Jennings at Reuters has put together a retrospective on the Chen Shui-bian presidency that focuses on China policy…
His wife may have been indicted for graft and his anti-China rage upset major ally the [...]

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Those Choosy Voters in Our Maturing Democracy

Taiwan Journal hosts a commentary by David Lorenzo of Virginia Wesleyan on how the election confirms Taiwan’s maturing democracy. This article describes what has become the new, and very widespread CW:
Taiwan’s recent presidential election did more than just determine the future of its executive branch and signal future directions in policy with China. It also [...]

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US Awakens, Finds Coffee Aromatic?

The Taipei Times headline says it all: US wary of warmer Taiwan-China ties. Charles Synder in Washington tells the tale:
Some US officials fear that under Ma Ying-jeou’s (馬英九) presidency, the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) might swing far enough toward China that it could affect US interests in Taiwan and damage US interests in the [...]

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DPP Chairman Discussions

Sign of the rising price of metal: One of my neighbors is an artist who works in various metals. This weekend he surprised a thief attempting to make off with some metal which he had kept as parts for his work. The thief had stolen one basket and was surprised when he came back for [...]

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March 16 DPP Rally

As we pulled into the gas station, this KMT sound truck screamed inanities at us. In Hell the sound trucks run 24-7, and they play pro-KMT music.
Yesterday the family went to the big rally an Gencheng Park in Taichung. Snagged some great Hsieh paraphenalia, and soaked up some that powerful pro-Taiwan feeling.

I snapped this pair [...]

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The Flow of Crap: Day 3: BBC’s Alternate Universe (UPDATE 1)

I’ve decided to have one post like this each day, where we put the latest media fun, updated as the day goes on.
Today maddog alerted me to this report from BBC’s alternate universe. That’s the universe where, two years later, you can still read on their Taiwan timeline that Chen Shui-bian devolved his powers onto [...]

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And so….the flow of crap begins…..

For the last month or so, as the parade of journalists reviews our elections here, I’ve been bracing for the stories. You know, the klewless, shallow, I’ve-just-parachuted-in stuff that marks the very worst the international media can produce, stuff that mainlines KMT talking points and causes errors we had thought killed to rise, zombie-like, from [...]

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Seen around the Web

With 700 reporters descending on the island to cover our elections, plenty of media coverage of Taiwan can be expected in the next few weeks. Max Hirsch at Kyodo has a long study of the UN referendum mess:
FOCUS: Taiwan politicians prepare for doomed referenda as election nears
With Taiwan’s March 22 presidential election just days away, [...]

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Three From the Hsieh Campaign

As the election crescendo approaches, things are flying into my mailbox thick and fast: first, three more from the Hsieh Campaign:
Taiwan’s Creative Shift
For the KMT, the development of industry was all about information hardware at the expense of support for technological creativity. Factory owners were provided support when buying machinery, but in terms [...]

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Words from Outside Taiwan

Plenty of words directed at the Beautiful Isle today. First Lee Teng-hui, as so often, commenting in the Japanese press, reported by the trusty CNA:
Taiwan’s upcoming presidential election is very significant because its outcome will have a profound impact on Taiwan’s future, former President Lee Teng-hui was quoted as saying by a Japanese writer.
According to [...]

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Notes from Taipei

Apologies for the lack of blogging — been spending a ton of time in Taipei this week. Much to report….
Speaking of Taipei, the NYTimes has an article on Taipei as a travel destination (hat tip to reader JS).
TAIPEI, the vibrant capital of Taiwan, distills the best of what Asian cities have to offer — great [...]

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“The lumper/splitter problem occurs when there is the need to create classifications and assign examples to them…..” — Wiki
More gray, ugly, cold, rainy days courtesy of Taiwan in the winter, giving me plenty of incentive to sit in front of the computer, where there’s a steady flow of both information and warm air.
The chart above [...]

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