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How Much Would the DPP Have Needed? One last look at the numbers..

I was riding home last night after Chaon & Co. creamed my son and I in Axis and Allies, and got to thinking about the legislative election again (imagine that, if you can!). This time I decided to figure out how many votes the DPP would have needed to make a substantial increase in the [...]

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More Election Analysis & Responses

Analysis of the election continues apace, with more from the Blogosphere, this time from the Only Redhead. I’m tired of arguing with people that I know and love, like Robert, but the fact is that lots and lots of commentators out there fondly imagine that if the DPP had only come up with the right [...]

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Bruce Jacobs’ Open Letter to Hsieh and Ma

This morning Apple Daily published an open letter from respected Taiwan scholar Bruce Jacobs, directed at the two presidential candidates.
An Open Letter to Frank Hsieh and Ma Ying-jeou(給謝長廷和馬英九一封公開信)
By Bruce Jacobs (家博)
Over eighty per cent of the residents of Taiwan (台灣住民) want this country (本國)to be a member of the United Nations. As [...]

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One Last Election Analysis

This came with the latest Nelson Report: Shelly Rigger’s observations on the recent LY election, mine in brackets.
A few quick observations in response to Kirk and Hans. There’s no question that the new system really hurt the DPP [...]

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DPP Rally in Taichung

Yesterday I went to the DPP rally in Taichung to hear DPP Vice Presidential candidate Su Tseng-chang (pictured above) and Presidential candidate Frank Hsieh speak, as well as scoop up some paraphenalia and soak up some good DPP feeling. My wife went with but one goal: to shake Frank Hsieh’s hand.

Outside the rally site the [...]

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Post Election Analysis

There’s plenty of discussion about the reasons and effects of the legislative election…First, Taiwan Communique has a whole edition out on the elections, with articles by Bruce Jacobs, among others. Go here for the most recent issue. Next, a reader in Calgary reminds me that Willy Lam at the Jamestown Foundation has a piece [...]

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DPP Election Loss: Analysis

Max Hirsch has a great piece in Kyodo News this week, analyzing the election defeat of the DPP. Hirsch has a very sensible contrast to the well-known blog Peking Duck, where Raj has served a series of KMT talking points presented as a “centrist” analysis. Hirsch notes:
On the surface, [...]

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How the Referendums Will Be Defeated

The pro-Green Liberty Times (Chinese) has been reporting on how the legislative election referendum is being beaten: at the local level.
Each neighborhood or precinct has a captain who is the local chief administrator, the li chang or the lin chang. The hierarchical administration of Taiwan society begins with them — they handle neighborhood affairs, such [...]

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Pan-Blue Poll La-la land

The international media frequently report that KMT Presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou is the ‘frontrunner’ with a huge lead in all the polls — though they never report that “the polls” are actually polls from pro-Blue papers. Today ESWN posted a poll that is very indicative of how stupid the pro-Blue polling is here. ESWN [...]

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Globe and Mail: Taiwan Flashpoint 2008 -UPDATED-

The Globe and Mail is doing a set of pieces on the major world flashpoints. Among them is of course the Taiwan Straits, portrayed here as made dangerous by the recklessness of the dastardly Chen Shui-bian. It’s a good thing those forces for stability, restrained and prudent, are there to keep Mad Chen© in check! [...]

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Sec Rice’s Comments

Jerome Keating reminds that Sec Rice’s comments that the referendum is a “provocation” may be responded to at the following email addresses:

Be nice when you talk to the Administration, I’m sure it will be a new experience for them….. Alton Thompson over at Conductor’s Notebook has a good response:
Dear Secretary Rice:
Like many Americans living in [...]

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Stray Media on Taiwan’s Int’l Relations

The always insightful Ting-i Tsai has a commentary in the Asia Times on the recent decision by the US to take a step back on the referendum. He argues that the US has reluctantly decided to live with it:
Burghardt’s approach, which deviated from that of other US officials in recent [...]

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Last Two Nelson Reports: Taiwan Highlights

Chris Nelson of the Nelson Report is back from surgery and once again passing around insight into the Beltway Mind. Here’s his latest excerpt on Taiwan affairs:
It sounds like the private Chinese discussions of late mirror almost exactly much of the substance of concerns aired at Heritage, including what Taiwan law may require in the [...]

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US says Siew did say nutcase things to Burghardt

I had some trouble believing that KMT Vice Presidential candidate Vincent Siew would meet with Raymond Burghardt, Chairman of the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), our officially unofficial representative body here in Taiwan, and tell Burghardt all kinds of crazy things about what the DPP was planning to do, but confirmation arrived yesterday from both [...]

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Suicide, Taiwan, and the KMT

ESWN offered a rare criticism of the KMT yesterday with this post on a KMT ad that was juxtaposed with a story about a shopowner who had killed his daughter and son before turning his knife on himself. ESWN translated the ad and then the words of the blogger:
[translation: Governance: Blue is better than green. [...]

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