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Our Extraterritorial "Free Trade" Zones

Taiwan News has a nifty editorial on the growing momentum towards the One Country, Two Systems approach in the KMT. The editorial also calls into question the new “free trade” zones, which are being used, as many of us feared, as extraterritorial trojan horses in many different ways. Because the zones are exempt from many [...]

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Three From the Hsieh Campaign

As the election crescendo approaches, things are flying into my mailbox thick and fast: first, three more from the Hsieh Campaign:
Taiwan’s Creative Shift
For the KMT, the development of industry was all about information hardware at the expense of support for technological creativity. Factory owners were provided support when buying machinery, but in terms [...]

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Hsieh Rebuttal of Ma Claims

A friend is translating some of the Hsieh campaign’s economic and trade policy ideas, along with their rebuttals of KMT claims. Here’s one on the KMT nonsense that the declining volume of the port of Kaohsiung is a result of DPP mismanagement. As the excerpt points out, the decline began under Veep candidate Siew….
The Port [...]

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Nanotechnology Development in Taiwan

One aspect of economy policy under the DPP is its forward looking technological aspects, whereas Ma’s economic proposals, under Siew, are based on a back-to-the-future 1970s model that involves spraying concrete around Taiwan like so much fake snow at a Christmas party. A key emerging industry in world technology markets is nanotechnology, the science of [...]

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