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Robin Winkler Allegedly Assaulted During Environmental Protest - UPDATED-

Last week Robin Winkler, whose energy and commitment to The Beautiful Isle I deeply admire, was allegedly punched during a protest by a local elected official. Taiwan Headlines has the call:
Environmental groups protested outside the Environmental Protection Administration on Monday morning to condemn the agency for siding with the Formosa Plastics Group on a proposed [...]

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What is the East Asian Growth Model?

A recent posting on the excellent China briefing blog on whether China’s growth has/will hit a glass ceiling reminds me of another debate still in its opening stages: How will China’s growth be refracted through the debates over East Asian growth?
China’s growth trajectory might, on the surface, appear to be similar to that of South [...]

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RAND Corporation report on China’s Econ Pressure on Taiwan

Murray Scott Tanner has a new report out at RAND that discusses China’s attempts to coerce Taiwan economically. Tanner says that Beijing’s economic clout is a tricky weapon to use and cannot always be brought to bear. For example:
Beijing’s frustration was dramatically illustrated in the 2004 Taiwan presidential election. The elections proved that widespread forecasts [...]

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