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Ma’s Economic Nostalgia

KMT Vice Presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou released his latest economic plan, with a sustained hack on the DPP:
“My economic policies consist of more than opening up for more Chinese tourists and cross-strait direct links. Expanding domestic demand is also crucial and for the government to invest in the nation shows love for Taiwan,” Ma told [...]

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KMT Claims DPP Is Inventing Economic Growth Figures -UPDATED-

DPA (Deutsche Presse-Agentur GmbH), a German news service, came out with an appalling article on growth that simply regurgitates KMT claims on the economy without any context or countervailing evidence offered. The article reports the KMT attack on the government’s growth figures…..
Taiwan on Friday released encouraging export figures but many Taiwanese are questioning the accuracy [...]

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Homelessness in Taiwan

Reuters offers yet another dismal report on the state of Taiwan’s economy….
Lack of family or close friends, or shame in confronting them in a society that puts a premium on getting ahead materially, pushes some jobless people outdoors.
“They think if that if they haven’t succeeded they can’t go home, and some don’t want to [...]

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Economy ticks along at 5%

Bloomberg reports on good news for the incumbents and bad news for the KMT. The latter party is attempting to run on the economy, and a key part of that is attempting to convince the public that the economy is bad. At the moment, though, things are going pretty well as growth might well be [...]

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Business Leader Calls for Peace Law

Business leader Robert Tsao put out advertizements in three newspapers the other day, calling for a peace agreement with China. The China Post reports:
“If Taiwan adopts a cross-strait peaceful co-existence law, relations between the two sides of the Strait can begin to develop in the right direction,” said Tsao, who calls himself a “small ordinary [...]

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What Can Taiwan Really Learn from Korea.

It’s fashionable to hold up South Korea as an example to Taiwan. The European Chamber of Commerce in Taipei, clearly living in an alternate reality, became the latest follower of that trend when it announced that the reason that Taiwan has not done as well as Korea has is because it isn’t open to China [...]

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The Bubble That Ate the Universe

What’s going on in China now? David Webb, a major figure in Hong Kong investment circles, has a wonderful analysis of the stock market bubble there:
The vast majority of individual investors in China today have never experienced a serious market correction, and have only the simplest understanding of the market. All that they know is [...]

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Inflation Monster to Eat Taiwan?

Everyone’s been experiencing it: rising prices for daily goods. Bad news for a ruling party seeking to be elected, as the Taipei Times noted in a recent editorial:
On a positive note, the CPI only rose 0.90 percent for the first nine months of this year and the index is likely to stay under 2 [...]

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New Regs cause friction between Taiwan’s fishing industry and the Marshalls

Taiwan’s fishing practices often cause strife between the island and other nations. Ironically, it’s now an attempt to rein them in that’s causing a problem. Radio New Zealand International has the summary:
A summit in the Marshall Islands next month is expected to discuss Taiwan’s decision to block tuna fishing vessels in Taiwanese shipyards.
The vessels are [...]

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Korea-US FTA on the rocks

The Nelson Report, the Washington insider report, gave a short blurb on the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Korea and the US:
What about KORUS? Obviously important strategically, and from a political/foreign policy standpoint…and important economically…there’s no disagreement on that.
We all know the problems alleged by the Congressional Auto Caucus.
Perhaps more difficult to overcome will be [...]

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Pacific Humpback Dolphin Workshop

Signs in Changhua.
On Wednesday I had the great privilege of attending the “Second International Workshop on the Conservation and Research Needs of the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, Sousa chinensis, in the waters of western Taiwan,” the first being held in 2004. The workshop is still roaring forward and meets again on Friday beginning at 9:00 at [...]

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Wheat and Taiwan

Wheat prices are rising as major importers like Japan, China, and India move to secure supplies in the face of lowered production:
Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) — Wheat prices in Chicago rose to a record, extending gains for a fifth day, as importers, including India, Taiwan and Japan, sought to buy the grain and adverse weather reduced [...]

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Bush Resignations Affect Korean FTA, Taiwan

While most of the attention in Washington has focused on the resignation of that hopeless and venal incompetent, Attorney General Gonzalez, there was another resignation recently that affects Taiwan indirectly. The Nelson Report noted:
All this by way of saying there were two resignations today which will resonate, one you all know about (Atty. Gen. Gonzalez) [...]

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Acer Buys Gateway

It’s all over the media and the blogs, so let me add mine to the pile: Acer has bought Gateway, with its familiar white and black cow logo. Reuters reports:
Taiwan’s Acer said on Monday it will buy Gateway for $710 million, creating the world’s No.3 PC maker, as Acer doubles its presence in the United [...]

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Good Econ News

We’re six months from a Presidential election, and the economic news is largely good. First, export orders are booming:
Taiwan’s export orders probably rose 16 percent in July from a year earlier, logging their fastest growth since January due to robust demand from China and Europe, a Reuter’s poll of 11 economists showed.
Analysts expect healthy growth [...]

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