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China Airlines Loses Another Plane

By now everyone has heard that ill-starred China Airlines has lost yet another aircraft, which blew up on the tarmac in Japan yesterday. Fortunately the passengers escaped with their lives.
Asia Sentinel has a good review of some of the issues surrounding the years of China Airlines screw-ups:
What is it about China Airlines? It is [...]

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Jakarta Post on Plight of Indonesian Workers Here

The Jakarta Post ran an article today on the plight of Indonesian workers in Taiwan (from here).
Every day a special complaints hotline set up by the Indonesian trade office in Taiwan gets about 300 hits from distressed Indonesian workers.
Around ten per cent concern serious issues, including alleged sexual assaults, physical and emotional abuse, withholding of [...]

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Gary Wang: 28 years

Prosecutors have asked for 28 years in the case of Gary Wang, yet another in a long line of businessmen who allegedly regarded their companies as personal playgrounds, wrecking the lives of thousands in the process. Wang’s father, head of the once-powerful Rebar group, is on the run in the US as a result of [...]

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Picking the bones of the Past

Both sides are crawling over past statements that Ma Ying-jeou has made on the special funds, and the DPP has come up with a doozy. Over at That’s Impossible! A-gu has posted on the upcoming propaganda wave ahead of the verdict expected Tuesday in the Ma Ying-jeou corruption case:
Taipei City councilor Yen Sheng-kuan (顏聖冠) and [...]

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Insider Trading and Financial Markets in Taiwan

Insider trading, a way of life in our business world. Recently, it seems there’s a new case every week:
Taiwan prosecutors have asked the court for permission to detain an executive of Fubon , Taiwan’s No. 5 financial holding firm, amid a probe into possible insider trading involving Standard Chartered’s acquisition of a Taiwan bank.
Fubon’s shares [...]

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Taiwan-India Cooperation on Scooters

Longtime advocates of more Taiwan investment in India like me are pleased to see globalization hard at work in the Taiwan-India relationship. The Taiwan scooter giant Sanyang (SYM) is cooperating with Indian scooter pioneer Kinetic, from a factory in Pune, to market a Taiwan scooter in India aimed at women:
Kinetic has tied up with Taiwanese [...]

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Taiwan’s Economy: What’s Going On?

Last week blogger Bent pointed out that there is a problem with the KMT running on the economy: it’s flying. Nevertheless, it promises to be a campaign issue anyway, as Bent points out:
Make no mistake, though, the KMT and their supporters will deny this upturn as long as they plausibly can. Among blue supporters is [...]

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The Grass is Greener: Taiwan and Korea

From Korea comes a piece on Taiwan’s dynamic OEM makers and their world-class technology:
But take apart an iPhone or an iPod and inside you’ll find some unfamiliar names, like Hon Hai, Quanta, and Inventec. These are Taiwanese companies that provide outsourced manufacturing for other companies instead of producing goods with their own brand names. The [...]

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Nature on Nanotech and Gene Tech in Taiwan offers an interesting look at Taiwan’s high-tech dreams and their implications for the island’s employment and technology situation:
Such aspirations are grounded in reality, because many of the country’s senior faculty members and administrators trained and worked in top institutions in the United States and Europe. Some come back, mid-career, to care for ageing parents, [...]

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The Silver Lining of an Ugly Black Cloud

Most of you probably haven’t noticed, but Taiwan has no budget for this fiscal year. The pan-Blue alliance, led by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), have refused to pass the budget unless the Greens permit the Blues to reconstruct the Central Election Commission (CEC) in favor of the Blues:
To secure a majority for passage [...]

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