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Those Choosy Voters in Our Maturing Democracy

Taiwan Journal hosts a commentary by David Lorenzo of Virginia Wesleyan on how the election confirms Taiwan’s maturing democracy. This article describes what has become the new, and very widespread CW:
Taiwan’s recent presidential election did more than just determine the future of its executive branch and signal future directions in policy with China. It also [...]

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Ma Posters Rul

I was out yesterday in Tainan with John from the Real Taiwan, who had become the latest convert to my quest to ensure that everyone in the world uses a Canon Powershot IS5, taking photos in and around town (my pics up tomorrow). The betel nut girl shots were a bust, but we did get [...]

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Taiwan: How the numbers are faked

I know some of you out there still have trouble accepting in your gut that so many of those nice numbers you see on Taiwan’s TV screens are totally bogus. Numbers are, after all, an American cultural habit. But ESWN found a nifty little nugget that is a primer in number creation by fiat:
During the [...]

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