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Mormon Missionaries Assist City of Taichung

At last all those foreigners riding around on bicycles are actually going to be doing something useful….
Mayor Hu had often seen the Mormon missionaries riding throughout the city on their bicycles and developed an idea he shared with Hoer. “Many of your missionaries are from North America and other English-speaking countries. Why couldn’t they take [...]

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The Politics of 6th Grade: Contested English

Yesterday was all Elementary English day. First, I got invited out to one of the better local elementary schools near my house. It was the leading elementary school in its part of the world, but last year a horrible thing had happened: none of their kids had finished in the upper tier of the English [...]

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King Car English Village

The BBC reports on the King Car English Village:
The “village” is actually attached to one of the county’s elementary schools.
Ordinary classrooms have been transformed to look like an airport waiting room and customs area - complete with the fuselage of a real plane donated by a Taiwanese airline company.
There [...]

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Expat Education Woes

Max Hirsch, formerly of the Taipei Times, had an article in Newsweek on the booming English education opportunities in China and elsewhere in Asia:
But no country compares with China, which has the world’s largest number of English students. In 2001, Beijing ordered that English classes start in the third grade, rather than in high school [...]

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Are you globalized enough to be President?

Fortunately for Taiwan, the legislature has its priorities straight:

The question came amid a proposal by the Nationalists opposition party that Taiwan’s Election Law be revised to require presidential candidates to possess at least a high school-level of English fluency.
“If you don’t even have a high-school student’s English capability,” the People First Party’s Chung Shao-he asked [...]

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High School Students Bomb English, Chinese Exams

The China Post reports on the 150,000 students taking the college entrance exam:
More than 13,000 senior students at senior high schools got a zero score for the English-language composition in the scholastic ability test while over 2,100 of them failed to get any score for Chinese composition.
A total of over 150,000 senior high school [...]

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