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Humpback Dolphins Near Mailiao

Wild at Heart, the conservation group, has just posted some videos of Sousa dolphins frolicking near the Mailiao Industrial Complex, where some claim they never come. From their blog:
For the past three years one of Wild’s big issues has been the conservation of the highly endangered humpback dolphins (or “Matsu’s Fish”) in the near-shore waters [...]

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Beijing Zaps Ma Again

Yesterday the stock market fell another 300 points off its high to well under 7000. Ma save us! Meanwhile the tourism industry here continues to be skeptical, according to the latest foreign media reports, as Beijing hangs Ma out to dry again. The relevant portion of Kyodo News’ Max Hirsch’s latest piece on the tourism [...]

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Sad Environmental News on Coral Reef Mining

The Taipei Times reports on very bad news for Taiwan’s marine ecosystems: the government has decided to license coral reef mining again…
The fight to protect dwindling and fragile coral reefs suffered a setback after the Council of Agriculture (COA) granted dozens of coral-mining licenses in April, reversing the gradual reduction of licensed coral boats.
The [...]

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Not a post about the election, thank god: reservoirs

As I was contemplating another South Korea success vis-a-vis Taiwan — South Korea inward FDI fell for the third straight year, whereas Taiwan’s hit record levels last year (but don’t worry, we can solve all our economic ills by imitating the South Korea economy) –and this one too, where S Korea’s financial industry is well [...]

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Robin Winkler Allegedly Assaulted During Environmental Protest - UPDATED-

Last week Robin Winkler, whose energy and commitment to The Beautiful Isle I deeply admire, was allegedly punched during a protest by a local elected official. Taiwan Headlines has the call:
Environmental groups protested outside the Environmental Protection Administration on Monday morning to condemn the agency for siding with the Formosa Plastics Group on a proposed [...]

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New Regs cause friction between Taiwan’s fishing industry and the Marshalls

Taiwan’s fishing practices often cause strife between the island and other nations. Ironically, it’s now an attempt to rein them in that’s causing a problem. Radio New Zealand International has the summary:
A summit in the Marshall Islands next month is expected to discuss Taiwan’s decision to block tuna fishing vessels in Taiwanese shipyards.
The vessels are [...]

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Pacific Humpback Dolphin Workshop

Signs in Changhua.
On Wednesday I had the great privilege of attending the “Second International Workshop on the Conservation and Research Needs of the Indo-Pacific Humpback Dolphins, Sousa chinensis, in the waters of western Taiwan,” the first being held in 2004. The workshop is still roaring forward and meets again on Friday beginning at 9:00 at [...]

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Taiwan’s Outrageous Emissions Problem

For a nation that begs the sympathy of the world, Taiwan is certainly not acting like a good citizen of it. Max Hirsch of the Taipei Times writes on Taiwan’s disgusting emissions behavior, as the Ministry of Education is trying to get schools to conserve even as new industrial infrastructure creates pollution that dwarfs any [...]

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Fund raising and Volunteer Opps

Jerome Keating passed around news of opportunities to spend time and money on worthy causes:

Dear Friend,
(Please forward this e-mail to anyone who you think would like to come to this fundraising social event.)
a multi-dimensional happening at a new club-art-music-performance space (i.e. David’s rooftop apartment)on the TienMu Riviera, Sat May 5, 2007
1) a donation of NT$500 [...]

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New Blog to Oppose Hushan Dam Project

Robin Winkler of Wild at Heart alerted me to a new blog on the Hushan Dam project….
Plans were first laid to submerge You-cing Valley in December 1994. Located in the Hushan area, 10 km south-east of Douliu City in Yunlin County, the valley would be filled with water diverted from the Cing-shui River and dammed [...]

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Will Work for Gravel

Foreigners outside of Taiwan admire our high tech industries and rambunctious democracy, never realizing that what really makes Taiwan’s political economy go is something else entirely. The China Post today reminds us of two intertwined local problems in Taiwan: a quiet but urgent fiscal crisis among the island’s local governments, and the problems the island [...]

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