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Espionage Mirage

Plenty of stuff on military front today. First, Wendell Minnick reports that Blackwater, the mercenary firm, is training Taiwan’s NSB:
U.S.-based Blackwater is training members of the Taiwanese National Security Bureau’s (NSB’s) special protection service, which guards the president. The NSB is responsible for the overall security of the country and was once an instrument of [...]

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More on the Taiwan-Related Spy Cases

The New York Daily News has a couple of detailed articles on the cases of people spying for our responsible partner in a stable regional framework. One is about the son of a good friend:
“All I can say is that I’m in shock,” their son said Tuesday. “I used to go on vacation with him. [...]

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US Busts Chinese Spies Looking for Taiwan Info

I drove around town yesterday evening on my way home from another marathon gaming session hosted by Chaon, looking for posters of the Hsieh campaign to photograph for the blog. I’ve seen some lovely Ma campaign posters, but I can’t find any of Hsieh yet. The KMT’s spending advantage is really telling.
Speaking of spending advantages, [...]

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Don Keyser gets a year for cooperating with Taiwan spy

Revisiting a fascinating spy case involving what looks like espionage for love, the IHT carried an article based on a China Times interview with Mata Hari Isabelle Cheng, the alleged spy and mistress of State Department employee Donald Keyser. Keyser was recently given a year for his activities. The article notes:
A former Taiwanese spy has [...]

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