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WHO Letter Drive

FAPA Europe is organizing a letter drive on the WHO issue. Details in email below.
Dear Friends:
As you know, Taiwan is actively seeking to join the WHO (World Health Organization), and this May 19th to 24th, the annual World Health Assembly meeting will be held in Geneva….If you have friends or relatives who are also fluent [...]

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Ignoring the Kitty Hawk Lesson

The media are reporting on yet another warning from the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Thomas Christensen, on our referendum. This report is from the DPA, which doesn’t even need to slant the piece the way it often does; Christensen’s remarks are already pro-China enough. To wit:

A senior [...]

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China Opposes UN Referendum…as Earth still orbits sun

Reuters reported that China was once again kvetching about the UN referendum, a harmless piece of electioneering that can have no concrete effect, since China possess a veto in the UN and can block Taiwan’s entry whenever it pleases.
China has again prodded the United States to oppose a controversial referendum on U.N. membership by Taiwan [...]

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CNS News: UN Head Criticized for Taiwan Rejection

CNS news, which appears to be a right-wing news site, carried an article today on the criticisms aimed at UN Sec-Gen. Ban for his decision to reject Taiwan’s application to the UN under the name Taiwan:
But Ban got it wrong, experts pointed out. While the resolution recognized the PRC as the only legitimate representative of [...]

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Revolting Story of EU Kow-tow to China

Here’s something sick from the Economist:

China tells the EU to dump on Taiwan. The EU asks “How hard?”

ASK officials in Brussels about relations between China and the European Union, and you will soon hear the word “values”. A recent EU strategy paper on China calls on Europe to pursue a “dynamic relationship with China based [...]

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Psalmanazar at DKos, WHO Entry

The first Taiwanese in Europe, Psalmanazar, blogs at DailyKos on the problem of press freedom and the UN on World Press Freedom Day:

The practice of denying Taiwan’s professional journalists press accreditation to the World Health Assembly began in 2004, when the United Nation’s Geneva Office took over responsibility for handling the media for the event. [...]

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EU Parliamentarian Says Taiwan should beef up its defense

Taiwan’s parliament was informed again that it should purchase weapons…..
A European parliamentarian urged Taiwan yesterday to bolster its defense capabilities while acknowledging that the EU would not intervene militarily should China attempt to take Taiwan by force because it would be outside Europe’s regional security responsibility.
Dr. Georg Jarzembowski, the head of the Taiwan Friendship [...]

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