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Van der Wees on Diaoyutai, Ma

Gerrit van der Wees discusses recent threats to Taiwan’s security and democracy in the Taipei Times. Because the Taipei Times edited their piece, I offer the unedited version here.
Ma undermining Taiwan’s democracy and security
Two recent events show that the Ma Administration is quickly earning itself the label of being a trouble-maker and is letting the [...]

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Gerrit van Der Wees of FAPA at the Meet Up

Gerrit speaking at the meet up.
Gerrit van Der Wees of the Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) spoke at the Meet Up this morning in Taipei, to a relatively large crowd of Taiwan supporters.
He began his talk by noting that FAPA started in 1982. It now consists of 56 chapters throughout the US, and represents [...]

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FAPA Ad in WaPo

The Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA), the most important advocate of Taiwan in the US, recently had an ad on the referendum and UN entry in the Washington Post. The ad is shown above, for a clearer look, there’s this link to PDF of the ad. The ad links to this information page on [...]

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Latest Taiwan Communique Out!

FAPA sent this around….
Hi TaiwanFocus friends,
We are pleased to announce that issue no. 116 of Taiwan Communiqué is off the press!! In this issue, we present an overview of recent political developments in Taiwan, such as Why the UN Referendum is necessary, in which we give a rebuttal to recent statements by the EU’s Xavier [...]

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US-Taiwan Relations Fun

Yesterday the Taipei Times reported that the Formosa Association for Public Affairs (FAPA), the premier advocacy group for Taiwan in the US, had slammed Steve Young of the officially unofficial US representative body, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), for his attacks on the UN referendum. Gerrit van Der Wees passed around the text of [...]

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FAPA Letter/Press Release on UN Entry

Gerrit van Der Wees at FAPA sent this around:
The Formosan Association for Public Affairs 552 7th Street. SE. Washington,DC 20003
Support Democracy, Support Taiwan.
For Immediate Release
Contact Iris Ho @ 202.547.3686
August 3, 2007
On August 3rd 2007, the Formosan Association for Public Affairs (FAPA) sent a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban [...]

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FAPA Appeal

The beautiful Iris Ho at FAPA passed this around last week:
Have you helped Taiwan today?
Two weeks ago, we asked you to take one minute of your time to help Taiwan by using the below link to contact your Representatives and ask them to co-sponsor the House Concurrent Resolution 136.
Over 500 emails have been sent to [...]

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FAPA Tool for Emailing your Congressman

FAPA offers this nifty online tool for sending instant messages to your Congresscritter on various Taiwan issues.
[Taiwan] [China] [US] [FAPA]
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Coen Blaauw Profile

Taiwan News profiles my friend Coen Blaauw, one of the key workers for Taiwan in Washington, and one of the island’s most devoted supporters. Coen has done wonders for Taiwan over the years. And, as I am anguished to note, he still apparently has all his hair too. It’s just not fair…..
Despite its unwillingness to [...]

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