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Odds and Ends from the News

A Canadian teacher here lets everyone know that in Taiwan is paradise in a local Canadian newspaper…..
But it is not all bad here. The people are friendly and gentle, there is hardly any petty or violent crime, and the women love white men. It’s also pretty cheap to live here.
That’s probably the biggest contradiction about [...]

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Psst — Wanna buy some garlic?

For most of the last two decades Taiwan has imported garlic, unable to service its own demand for that ubiquitous ingredient. From time to time it surfaces in the news, in moments like this:
The businessmen bought the garlic at one yuan (20 US cents) per kilogram in China, and shipped them to Taiwan via North [...]

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Wheat and Taiwan

Wheat prices are rising as major importers like Japan, China, and India move to secure supplies in the face of lowered production:
Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) — Wheat prices in Chicago rose to a record, extending gains for a fifth day, as importers, including India, Taiwan and Japan, sought to buy the grain and adverse weather reduced [...]

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Bizarre Foods Taiwan

Kudos to Andrew Zimmern of the Travel Channel for his wonderful presentation of Taiwan on the Bizarre Foods: Taiwan episode. Not only is the episode sympathetic and funny, he also refers to us as an independent nation.” Go Andrew!
This link will take you to the excellent show posted on YouTube (in several parts). (hat tip [...]

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